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January 02, 2007



What a perfect beginning and ending for this post! Sorry about the SOMETHING that supplied the topic but nice that you're now feeling well enough to write again.


Tanna, you read that just after I posted it!! So, you're up late too!!! Yes, I'm feeling better. Amazing how these things hit so fast and then leave rather quickly. Ah well, life always has a custard pie to throw in your face!


Oh Sher, sorry you were ill. That's so sad. And missing Biba -- I've never been there, but I love her cookbooks and I'm sure the place is wonderful. Well -- I watched several episodes of Law & Order, myself, on New Year's Eve -- and I didn't have any excuse!

Feel better soon.


oh dear... what a bummer!!! but at least, as always, you've found the silver lining... Happy New Year!


That IS too bad, you don't think it was food poisoning, do you? Came on fast and left fast....always leaves me wondering.

I spent 1 1/2 hours in Urgent Care on Christmas Eve morning to try and treat some strange and thoroughly draining respiratory thing that was hanging on. Antibiotics did nothing so I'm thinking it was viral. I coughed myself dizzy on several occasions, afraid I would break a rib. NOT fun. Holidays sure aren't good times to be sick, but then again, it never is convenient.


Aww, Sher. I'm so sorry! I hope you're feeling yourself again. Those nachos look marvelous - I hope you're able to partake soon!


Gatorade and bagels are my hangover food :D


Oh my! The boyfriend and I had the same thing! I ended up taking him to the ER for dehydration. Bleh! Here's to a better new year!

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

oh I can hear you. I have had those moments. Hope you feel better! So to a Happy New Year now!


Hi Sherry - That's terrible.....I hope you're feeling much better, and can make up for lost time. Take care!



Thank you! We are planning on going back to Biba later and having that meal. By the way--I think I saw some of those Law & Order episodes on New Year's Eve too!!! :)


Thank you! Well, my husband has just come down with it. He rarely gets sick and is now flat on his back in misery.

Happy New Year to you too!


Thank you! It's SOMETHING! My husband is now very sick too. So, I'm suspecting that it's a nasty bug--or food poisoning. I'm sorry you had that respiratory thingy. It's no fun to cough that much, it literally does feel like you broke a rib or pulled a muscle. I have a similar ache right now from throwing up so much the last few days. Ugh! But, we are going to be much healthier, right?


Thank you! Those nachos were probably delicious, but they made me feel nauseous just looking at them. It's always strange when I feel that way about nachos! :):) It could be a sign of the Apocalypse.


Thank you! Excellent choices for a hangover!!!! :):) Did you have to resort to that this holiday?


Thank you! Oh Barbara, the two of you at the same time! That's tough. I know how he felt with the dehydration. It's very bad. I hope you are both feeling better and we never have this again!


Thank you! I've turned the corner (knock on wood), so I think it's going to be much better. Fingers crossed.


Thank you! I will make up for lost time, eventually! :):) Still have to be cautious.


Oh Sher, that's terrible. I hope you're feeling better soon.


Ick! Poor you. I hope you feel better soon.


get well soon my dear!


special saaandwich?<--said witha homer simpson voice. how exciting! isn't gil just so intense? those science types, i sware. i hope your feeling better, thats just not fair!!! happy new year to everyone over there, isn't there something about a sandwich?


Sher, glad those things pass through quickly. The body is an amazing thing going from ravenous appetite to shutdown & purge mode! Happy New Year to you.


So glad you're better now Sher. What a nasty flu!


On no! Not fun at all.
I love the comment in the movie The Devil Wears Prada..."I'm just one good stomach flu away from goal weight."

Hope you are feeling better now :)


You and Rand too. He's been sick for a couple of days. I haven't heard from him today but even last night he was still pretty sick.

Sorry to hear it. Losing weight is good, but not that way!

Joy T.

Sorry to hear you were feeling sick. Yuck! Everyone around us are dropping like flies with some sort of bug. LOL I do like the 'starting out the new year losing weight comment' LOL priceless is right. Feel better soon.


Oh man! That bites Sher! I'm sorry you spent NYE and day sick. I hope you feel better soon.


I hope you're feeling better, Sher.


Hope you feel better and Happy New Year to you.

kross-eyed kitty

That sucks about having the flu! And on New Year's Eve too. I'm glad that you're feeling better.
(Think I could lose 40 lbs if I caught the flu?) ;)
Happy New Year! Cheers to health and happiness!


We had it here too...the whole household. Horray for the holidays!

Glad to hear you are feeling better...


Happy new year! I hope you are feeling better now! M (from Panama)

Diva Kitty's Mom

Biba's! My favorite place to eat in Sacramento. I used to live at 28t & P and we'd walk up to Cafe Bernardo for a latte, then stroll over to Biba's for a late lunch and finally end up at Paragary's for mushroom salad.

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