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January 08, 2007



Your soup must be heavenly! Maybe I shouldn't throw away the fish bones/heads and save up these bites ...

Butta Buns

Wow, Upsie and Sundance must have been in high heaven while you made the stock. I'll definatly have to go to the local fishmonger for some fish parts. Love that phrase fish frame!


Wow, that blows me away that you make fish stock!!
And I am awe struck to see anybody get a fabulous picture of it. The thyme on the jar clamp is inspired.
I guess since my husband can't stand the smell of fish cooking, I won't be trying this. With out his nose in the house your post would have me standing at the fish counter for scraps.
Really beautiful!!


40 minutes...wow...inspiring!



Yes, if you have bones and trimmings, freezing them would be great. I also save my shrimp shells when I peel them, freeze them and eventually make shrimp stock when I have a pound or two of them.

Butta Buns,

Sundance loved the meat I picked off the bones when the stock was done. But, Upsie is such a foodie, she refused to eat any of it. She looked at me like I was crazy. It was too overcooked for her delicate palate!


The stock didn't smell fishy at all when I was making it. There was a very faint smell of fish, but nothing like when you fry fish and so forth. And the resulting fish stock is not stinky at all! If you don't tell him you're making it, he might not know at all.


I really like how quick seafood stock are to make.


What an amazing blog you have here. The food look sooo good.............and what a beautiful cat!! I LOVE cats and have one myself.......

I'm a foodie from Denmark, and I love browsing the internet for foodblogs - you are welcom to visit mine if you feel like it :-)

My best


Now I know why I've got a freezer full of fish bones! Your recipe is the best I've ever seen Sher!


I wanna make fish stock...I wanna eat some really good soup...can I come over??!!


Very interesting. I make chicken and beef stock all the time (save all my scraps quite religiously) but I think I've only fish stock once or twice. Must try it more often.


you beautiful, beautiful woman! fish heads make the best stock i think, they have a sweetness. my dad used to make fish head stew. this broth brings back memories. i wonder if my market would sell me the skeletons, i am inspired!


You know, I've never used fish stock before. I guess mostly because I've never seen it sold anywhere. Looks like it's time to try making some of my own!

Boston Chef

Wow, very nice. We've done beef, chicken, and even lamb stock - we'll have to try your (very quick!) fish stock...


Thanks for reminding me to make stock. I used to throw "trimmings" into a bag in the freezer and I agree that it is easy enough to do. I love the term "fish frames" a fun visual! I wish i could be around for the chowder...


I SO need to make more stock. I love the idea of adding wine: yum.

BTW I did make turkey stock this NOV and it is in my freezer. (Lots of fennel and leeks, herbs etc.). But I don't have any good soups for turkey stock: have any ideas?

kross-eyed kitty

I've never made fish stock before, but youmake it sound divine!
I'm looking forward to your soup recipe now.

Forex India

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Thank you for this.

No one seems to have mentioned how good fish stock is for you and how nutritious as it contains lots of important vitamins and minerals that our modern diets are somewhat lacking in. For example Vit A. Fish heads have an abundance of Vit. A in and around the eyes that comes out in the stock. Also protein, calcium, phosphorus and collagen, to name a few — all key components of healthy skin, bones and joints. A much healthier and cheaper way to top up our vitamin and mineral intake than taking a multi-vitamin.

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