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January 17, 2007



You just won't give up on this little book. This is just not right to make me lust after another cookbook.
1/2 c of garlic! cut it back, are you kidding. This might be the first recipe where I wouldn't double the garlic! I really love the several different kinds of breads for making the croutons!
Fabulous photo.


Wow! The beauitful colors leaping from my pc!!! Fantastic photos! And thanks for the crouton recipe, the store-bought croutons ain't cheap and taste pretty bad to me.
I have been looking for King Arthur bleached/all purpose flour (to make your white loaf), but the stores here only sell their unbleached/bread type, strange eh...


Sher, this is a great recipe. I'll keep your suggestion and try it with less garlic. 1/2 cup garlic? Scary!


Nothing beats homemade croutons! That sounds like a really wonderful, bright dish to whip up, too.


oh this look sooo good! I can't wait to make it this spring!


This looks fantastic. I love the sound of snow peas with mint. Funny, I never think of buying mint after years of trying to get rid of it, or at least keep it under control. The photos are wonderful.


I have never thought of that combination! How interesting and what gorgeous pictures you take!!! I almost feel like I'm ready to grab a plate in front of me!


Mint, eh? I so need to try it in a savory dish!


This looks delicious and crisy and full of flavors. I'm looking forward to trying it soon :)


Looks mouthwatering. Sher, I love your photos!

I've always shied away from using mint - it strikes me as too sweet/too sharp for anything savory I'd want to cook. However, I think this recipe may be my mint debut!

Thank you!


I love how vivid that salad looks!

Since mint is my number one crop in my community garden plot, I'm always on the lookout for mint recipes. This looks great although I too might cut back on the garlic. Half a cup of it must pack a mighty wallop.

Joy T.

It's just about midnight when I'm reading this and now I want to go to the kitchen and start cooking. This looks so good!


Oh wow! Really nice and what a change of pace. It's only mid January and I'm already tired of salads. This is a yummy new adventure. Good going!


What an inspired combo of flavors! I love making croutons, too [though mine have to be gluten free]. Beautiful!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a healthy, delicious, happy 2007!


This looks really yummy. But unlike most people, I have a serious aversion to mint. Any suggestions for a substitute that would still compliment the snow peas?



Yes, it's galicky! It reminded me of the famous Gilroy Garlic French Fries, that are covered with sauteed garlic and parsley. They are fabulous. If you like garlic you will appreciate this.


My store only sells the unbleached too. I think the bread I made was so white from the milk in the recipe.

Store bought croutons are really expensive and they're always hard and covered with funny coatings.


Yes!! As I was making it, I thought the amount of garlic would be too much for a lot of people. But, it would be delicious even with only one or two cloves of garlic.


I agree about the croutons--they are almost addictive. Often I'll make a batch and Bob will eat them all up as soon as my back is turned. Luckily, they're easy to make!


Thank you, I look forward to your beautiful pictures of snow peas!


Yes, it is odd buying mint, when I usually have it growing outside all over the place!


The mint is very nice--and different. But other herbs could be very nice too--like oregano or parsley.


Do try it, Jeff. It really adds a nice taste to savory dishes.


The crispy textures are very nice, particularly for me here during the winter. The store always has lovely snow peas in stock.


For some reason, the mint taste wasn't overwhelming. It was rather subtle. Maybe it was cooking it for 8 minutes that tempered it?


I think it would taste great with less garlic. The fresh croutons, the mint and snow peas--what's not to like!!! :)


I thought the same thing--I wanted to make something a little different than a "regular" salad.


Happy 2007 to you too, in your beautiful home! Gluten free croutons would work great here!


I think parsley would be very nice here. Or fresh basil could be added right at the end. That would look really pretty julienned on top of the dish. Or oregano would be good too.


for the life of me i don't know why i dont cook savory dishes using mint! its like a brain block. def need to get over that because this looks delicious! akin to a panzanella sort of. i can just taste the freshness of the snow peas!!!


Sher, I so mean to give WHB a go-around. Maybe this weekend?

1. If I ate that much garlic I would be sanctioned to sleep on the couch for a week.

2. I have a miniature mint patch, a square yard that grows into small trees during the summer. I miss my mint.

3. Keep the mint ideas coming... I mean beyond the mojitos:).

4. Do you freeze the croutons already baked or as bread cubes?

5. Kindred Spirits: all the fun flavors of croutons and bread crumbs. I made meatballs last week and put in half rosemary bread crumbs and half molasses bread crumbs (sweet, dark dinner roll turned crumby)

6. Nice pics!


That looks amazing, Sher! I always love finding new veggie recipes and this one is picture perfect!


What a lovely springtime salad...and something to do with all that d---mint I planted...it just won't stop..

Scott at Real Epicurean

How great looking!

Your step by step photos are great too, and will come in very handy for anyone cooking this.



Thank you! Yes, this reminds me of panzanella too. That's what I immediately thought of when I saw the recipe.


Thank you! Ahh--mojitos! Mint juleps are nice (and potent) too. I freeze sliced or chunks of bread and use them to make croutons later, when it strikes my mood. If there are any left (rare) I freeze them too. And if you ate that much garlic, you might have to sleep outside!!!! :):)


Thank you! I think the colors are so pretty. You can always count on snow peas to make things colorful.


Thank you! Yes, mint is so darn tenacious. It has taken over a section of my yard. Maybe I'll replace the lawn with it!


Thank you! And thanks again for hosting WHB this week!


Oh, what a beautiful salad. I'm definitely tagging this one. I just love mint and garlic, too. And I love homemade croutons -- really the only way to go, I think. Wow. Thanks!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

This looks great~ not your basic side salad. I have mint that is taking over the flower garden...


This just looks wonderful. My mouth is watering at the beautiful recipes on your blog. I will be back for more.


Recipes DO have legs! Here I am at the end of July '08 (Alberta, Canada) and my snow peas are just ready for harvest, lovely and abundant...first time I've grown them...and I wanted a really good recipe! Thanks, I'm going to try this tonight.

Pete|Best Food Processor Reviews

Looks mighty good indeed. I'm really keen to give this one a go.

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