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December 18, 2006



And the best fried rice is made with cold leftover rice. The fresh bok choy was more than a grace note, I call it inspired and you bloody lucky.


It's exactly how we Chinese treat the left-over or don't-know-what-to-cook-day! I won't change your lovely recipe a bit... but did you add garlic in the beginning (to "season" the oil?)


I'm drooling at the fried rice, I want it now...


Fresh bok choy from your garden? I'm green with jealousy.



hilarious! yep, i've had those meals where you gulped it down so fast you have to ask yourself, was that really as good as i think it was, or was it good because i was starving...
and yeah, like e said, jealous!


Seat of your pants cooking is the sign of a truly great cook, Sher. In my book, you rock!


I think this kind of thing is completely satisfying and delicious always. And like e and ann, envious of the bok choy from your garden.


Hey that is what I most look forward to with take out- when you just dump every container into the pan with a bit of sesame oil and crack an egg over it! Looks delish, i'll be right over.


I have been jonesin' for some GOOD Chinese (what we lack here)...I think I may just make this someday! Thank you!

bea at La tartine gourmande

These dishes are always keeping surprises...It looks delicious...


this sounds just fine! especially with the bok choy and oyster sauce. i love fried rice, even with minimal ingredients its always satisfying


Ha, isn't creating new things out of leftovers so much fun? This also kinda reminds me of a story my husband likes to tell about when he was growing up in Brooklyn. He and his buddies never had much money, so for lunch they'd go to the Chinese takeout place by their school and order the "69- cent fried rice"--which the restaurant created out of all their leftover crap. Of course, the difference is that yours actually looks good whereas the "69-cent fried rice" I'm sure was pretty gross.

Boston Chef

Yum... oyster sauce is the best - must have oyster sauce, seasame oil, and Texas Pete's hot sauce on hands at all times! Amongst other must-have items, of course...

Your fried rice looks delicious, always good to work greens (bok choy) into the mix - just the thing to warm up with on a winter day!

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