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December 02, 2006



Don't be so fast. Maybe you should wait a week or so after all that and see if you don't really feel better with clean teeth, no cysts and a clean body. Then call the lawyer.

Bonnie in Virginia

I'm not fat, I'm just big boned. Course I want cheesy poofs.
Ha Ha Upsie makes me laugh so hard every week. (This is from South Park).


*pat pat*


You go girl. Someone has to fight agains Kitty Rights Violation!


Poor Harmon was taken to the vet as well this week, and in much more dire straits than poor Upsie! See what happened in my entry this weekend.

Yes, he was told he was fat as well and he doesn't have the excuse of being a Maine Coon. He's just a 'foodie' cat!


Upsie, you're not fat, you're just a big, beautiful girl! Don't let 'em tell you otherwise.


I think you look lovely, and I totally agree, if you're a MCO you should be big & beautiful! Get in touch if you want some legal kitty-advice about putting that vet in his/her place:)


Aw, poor Upsie! Having to go through all of this is absolutely disgusting.

They say that you are fat, but I believe that you look beautiful the way you are; perfect! And who doesn't love to hold a "soft" cuddly cat rather than a skinny/boney and hard one?...



Upsie is torn between being sensible--as you suggest--and giving in to raw rage! :)


Yes, let's hear it for being big boned and for South Park!


Upsie says "Purrr"


Upsie says, "Right on! Power to the Kitties!!!"


Oh poor Harmon--he went through hell, I'd say! Much worse than Upsie (but she hates to admit that). I hope Harmon is feeling better.


Upsie says she's a Plus-size model cat!


Upsie says a big thanks for the support in her fight against Fatism! It is disgusting!


Yes, thank you for the support. Even the vet said Upsie had a cuddly body, nicely cushioned! What will she feel like if she's a string bean?


how humiliating upsies! hahaha i'm sorry but i must laugh too. that face of yours is completely irresistable, ahhhhh!


Oh Upsie, you are not fat. You are rubenesque. And the laughing gas you're about to get next week will leave you with a wonderful high. So there are benefits, you see, to maintaining your gorgeous appearance.


Awww poor kitty. I'm sorry you had such a hellacious time at the vet.

And you are not fat, you are fluffy. Pfft!


Awww poor kitty. I'm sorry you had such a hellacious time at the vet.

And you are not fat, you are fluffy. Pfft!

Joy T.

LOL Aw poor Upsie, but on the bright side with what you're getting done...no cone to have to wear around. Just sweet smelling teeth and a nice clean coat. Hope they don't put the dryer on high though, I'd hate to see you walking around all puffed up like :o)


upsie, come to my house and hide out. it's not your fault you're fat -- it's your genes, saving up for a long winter!

in the meantime, check out this exercise program [plus these boys are cuties]:


looks like fun!


Upsie babe, don't get too put out! I'd love to wake up cleaner and healthier after a nice relaxing nap! ;-)


Dude, don't let 'em take you! My mom was fed up with my knots, and sent me to the vet. She said it would be a special visit... like going to a day spa.

HA, that woman lied!! When I wouldn't let 'em get close to me, that shot me up with something that made me go loopy. I came to... and almost all of my fur was shaved off!
Mom saw me, and couldn't stop laughing. She said its called a 'lion cut'. Whatever... I look like a freakin' shorn lamb now.


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