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December 29, 2006



Happy New Year to you too, Upsie.
You make my week worthwhile!

Cape Cod Kitty

So happy you are feeling better, Upsie...
We are waiting to hear your New Year's resolutions....hope they don't involve The Sundance Kid. He's cute but in no way can he compare to your glamour.
Love from an ardent admirer! Wishing you the best of health in 2007.


Happy New Year!


Thanks! Happy New Year to your Mom, your new kitty friend and to you, beautiful Upsie!!!

I'm glad to see that your wounds are getting healed and that your cohabitation with The Sundance Kid is not too painful now.

May all your wishes come true in 2007! Get better. Wishing you well...

Rosa, Fridolin & Maruschka


hey there, beautiful girl!

we knew you'd be feeling and looking better sooner than soon. after all, you have a youngster to ride herd on.

he is kinda cute, and if you plan it just right, mom will think he's the one that caused all the trouble and mischief.

tell mom a nice lo-carb sauteed in butter beefsteak might be just the treat you deserve to see in the new year with. that kitten chow's for real crybabies, not a glamourpuss like you!

and thanks for stopping by. i'll try to stay awake next time.

miss boo


Happy new year to you, too! I'm glad Upsie is stitch-free and up to her old tricks. And the Kid just slays me. What a wonderful photo; he's just too adorable for words.

Sher, I posted your link in the roundup already, so you don't need to send it to me. Figured you'd have something up already!



hahahah, oh scarlet! i mean upsie. you have got this whole thing figured right out dont you? guard but dont weed, love it. your so damn cute in your brocolli box. for chrisakes!


Sundance is darling.....just a peach! What an adorable lil' kitten face!


Upsie, you look so good although before losting 2 lbs you still a little beauty! Wish you, The Sandance Kid and evey huma good health and a happy new year!


Oh that second picture of you is priceless! LOVE IT! Congratulations on the weight loss!


Happy New Year, Upsie. I'm glad you're on the mend, and hopefully healthy and svelte in 2007!


Happy New Year to All!

Bonnie Loves Cats

They both look so cute. I am glad you have brought in a new member of the family. Sorry about that for Upsie though.

Bonnie in Virginia


Happy New Year to humans and felines alike! May it be filled with food, family, friends, fun and fuzziness!


Happy New Years to the whole Kat-n-Kaboodle! See you in 2007

kross-eyed kitty

Upsie: I thought you were looking svelt!
Sundance Kid: you look like trouble. Cute trouble. Very cute.
Sher: Happy New Year!


Oh purrty kitty, I am so thrilled that you got those yucky stitches out. I hope you are feeling better. May your 2007 be filled with lots of nice pets and ear scratches, and lots of luxurious hair brushing! Meow

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