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December 22, 2006



Upsie, your stitches are nice and clean, have a speedy recovery! Don't go lickin', otherwise your mom will put a lamp shade around your neck you know... Meowy Christmas to you and The Sundance Kid! You both just adorable!


Upsie! You've got a boyfriend! Kamikaze is SO jelly! Maybe once you've fully recovered Mister Orange there won't seem so gross. but really, I don't blame him for loving your tail. It's fluffilicious.


I believe Upsie is taking on a huge personna and amassing a very large following!
Merry Christmas to all.


awww, you look like you've got your work cut out for you getting the sundance kid in line. i have no doubt your the kitteh for the job though upskies!! :)

max and noosh will be inside for a few watching animal planet while we battle the messy airports, hope you guys all have a wonderful holiday full of loot and delicious food!!


Oh, Upsie. Life has been very very hard for you hasn't it??

Poor Bustopher got chased by a DOG outisde the other day! You think you've got it rough? But luckily, he smacked him good across the nose and sent him packin'

That oughta teach the mutt to mess with perfection.

The Sundance Kid is really beautiful. Try to make friends, hmmm? As Bustopher and Harmon will tell you, it's great to have a buddy. Be nice.


You're keeping the Kid?! I'm so happy!! Have a great holiday weekend, Sher.

kross-eyed kitty

Oh Upsie! The garden gremlin and you share the same expression! Are you that upset about the little Gingerling?
I do hope that you are feeling better soon.
Merry Christmas!


Now now now...tis the season for sharing and getting along! I know it's rough. Eventually he will learn to mind his manners. He's a youngin (looks like)...that's how they are.

Glad to see you healing, now just don't lick the stitches! :)

Merry Christmas and cuddles from us! :)


Upsie, you are always so cute! The picture of Frodo and you is very good...

Oh, Upsie, what is your Mom doing with you? It must be very difficult to support the presence of the beautiful Sundance Kid! But try to be cool with him as he looks very sweet and I'm sure that he wants to be friends with you.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007!

Rosa, Fridolin & Maruschka

Joy T.

My goodness Upsie, it was kind of hard to tell you and Frodo apart :o) Sorry to hear the Sundance Kid isn't minding his manners but he sure is cute. Hope those stitches come out soon and they don't itch too bad while they're healing. Have a super Christmas and I can't wait to visit you in 2007.


I'm glad Upsie is recovering nicely. The Sundance Kid is so adorable!!! I want him right now! I hope the two of them can get along, eventually -- unlike our cats.

By the way, I am hosting WCB this coming weekend. Just wanted to try to get the word out that I remembered . . .

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