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December 12, 2006



Looks delicious! Lovely plating, Sher. Are the photos from your Rebel?

I'm so hungry right now.


Sher -

Thanks for suffering for me like that - I am glad that all your hard work came to fruition!


Wow, the photos are awesome. This looks just totally yummy. Please come over and make some for me!


I SO need to make polenta!! I just can't find it in the store


That first picture is Delicious! Makes me hungry just to look at it. I like things that actually improve by being made ahead. It's so nice to have a big part of the meal preperation out of the way when you're getting a meal on the table.



Thank you! Yes, the pics are from the Rebel. I'm really enjoying it, I must say!


Thank you! Yes, it turned out to be delicious. Doubling the recipe resulted in a lot more time to browning things. I would make this again--but I'll be prepared.


Thank you! I'll make some for you, but first I need to recover from all the browning. Have to admit, I'm not a big fan of splattering grease! For some reason, it happened a lot with this recipe. :):)


You can use cornmeal, stone ground if possible. In the South, we used to do that, but it wasn't called polenta. It was called mush! :)


Thank you! It really was delicious and I could appreciate it more by making it in advance. Plus, this is the kind of dish that gets better after it sits in the fridge overnight.


that does sound intriguingly delicious... Deb over at smitten kitchen recently did a post about how annoyingly fussy mr chiarello is... pretty funny if you ask me.
he's like the exact opposite of tyler florence!

gorgeous piccies! i see you and your rebel are getting on nicely :-)


Your first photo stopped me cold - wow that looks so good.
So you would or would not make this again?
You would certainly want polenta easy to go with this involved cooking experience.
He really is cute.


In my own experience, Mr. Chiarello has always disappointed then somehow miraculously redeemed himself. Go figure!
Fab photos, Sher.


Wow Sher, that looks magnificent! Very comforting too! And you take awesome pictures!


I like fennel seeds too... in crackers, bread... my mom used to add some in her pork stew, really hearty and yummy!
You photos really make me dazzling... the colors are so beautiful!


Oh my...your polenta has the most delicious looking consistency. I will definitely try this method next time. Thanks!


hi sher, wow! the pork looks perfectly cooled, i can just tast it. i love the way fennel tastes in stew too, it gets so sweet. the broth looks so delish on top of the polenta, MMMM!


What a fantastic combination of flavors. Especially when paired with that soft polenta.



I just finished this, and fresh off the stove it tastes wonderful, with the orange and fennel playing on my tongue. Now, you say it tastes better on day two? I can't wait for leftovers.


Excuse me for commenting so late on this. I have just discovered that Barbara's Spice is Right event DID continue after SiR VIII.

We just had chicken with orange gravy the other night and I was reminded about how wonderfully oranges go well in savoury dishes. Your stew looks divine. I've had orange and fennel salad and know that they marry well. I bet they are superb with pork. Thanks for posting the recipe.



Well Sher, hope you are doing fine up there! I came by to check out your pork-type recipes. Pork was on sale at Raley's this past week.

I love this one. The wonton soup looks good as well. Hmmmm.

Because of you, I now am using my cast iron cookware much more often.

Still missing you.

Brigitte Keen

Made the stew just now and it's beautiful straight from the pot. Wonderful flavors in the sauce. Next time I will serve it on deep plates to contain the sauce. Love the combined flavors of the orange, fennel, red wine etc. Not one flavor dominates but everythíng blends perfectly to result in something to make the tastebuds sing! Will make it next for guests.

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