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November 03, 2006



Wow. This sounds just amazing. I never would have thought of just adding the chocolate chips and letting it melt into the chile. Wish I could taste it.

Isn't Penzeys the best? I just got a big box of stuff from them.


I feel cardamom able to add a soul into food, love it!
My sis-in-law loves chilli, I may make this dish when I see her next week!
for some reasons people think chocolate and chilli can match... now they also add some chilli powder into eating chocolate don't they?


We always have a hunk of chocolate on chili nights that gets chopped and dropped into the bottom of the bowls before ladling in the steaming chili. It is a wonderful combination, along with a couple of shakes of good cocoa powder into the pot itself.

Congrats on your bloggiversary!


Man...all the cool kids have chocolate in their chili!


Sher, I'm gonna whip this up tomorrow but am thinking about cutting the recipe in half since it's just the two of us. Unless: does beef chili freeze well, do you know? If it does, might as well go for the whole amount!



It only tastes chocolatey right after your add the chips. But, after it's cooked for 3 hours you can't taste that--but it does give the chili depth.

I need to place an order with Penzeys!


Yes, I saw a recipe for chocolate pudding that had chili powder in it recently. Of course, long ago, the Aztec royalty drank chocolate and chili beverages--unsweetened too! WOW! That must have given them a charge!


That's a great idea to grate the chocolate right in the bowl. I'll remember that! And thank you!


Oh thank you--love to be called cool! :):)


I think it would freeze very nicely, I've done that in the past. But, if you half it, you will still have a nice amount of chili, let me tell you!!!!!


I've heard for so long about the wonders of a bit of chocolate in chili... but since DucCat is always in charge of the bubbling vat, we've never tried it out.

Shannon, chili is the ultimate freezer-food!! As an aside: the last time he made it, a couple of weeks ago, I ladled out the leftovers into a variety of containers to cool before freezing. Shortly thereafter, I forgetfully went on up to bed, with a most unpleasant surprise in the morning!

Curious about her recipes, no? I've always heard that they were just badly translated from Brit to US measurements. I still like the girl.


Oh YUM! What a great dish for a cool, rainy day. With leftovers to boot! I love the idea of putting chocolate in this. Saving to del.ici.ous right now!

Bonnie in Virginia

I hope to see Upsie this weekend in WCB # 74 being hosted at http://lalietcie.canalblog.com/archives/2006/11/02/3061880.html#comments.
Thank you.
Bonnie in Virginia


omy stars sher!! now i have to make chili, i wonder what will happen when i ask for a shin of meat, ha! i've never cooked with cardamom and seen it in so many nigella recipes. so curious i think i'm going top try this very recipe and freeze for lazy nights :)


I did your chilli, so g_r_e_a_t!!!
Before tucking the pot in oven I was panicking as the whole thing smelled more like Indian curry (I like Indian curry but didn't expect making one now...) But after 3 hours, everything infused and created a splendid chilli!
I used stew meat too, it's a bit too lean to my liking, and not able to break down to tiny pieces (also my favorite, hehee...). But it's ok, I snipped here and there with my kitchen scissors, and cooked a little longer. Anyway, the most important thing is, the flavor is really wonderful!
Sher, thanks millions! I just love your recipes!!!!!!



Just sneak in there while DucCat's back is turned and toss some dark chocolate in the pot. Then say, "Oops! How did that happen?" :)


Yes, the leftovers are great!! I've had three meals this week using them.




Oh, I'm so glad you liked the chili. I wasn't crazy about the taste before I baked it. But, after 3 hours of cooking, it sure tasted great. My stew meat did break down and become quite tender. Of course, what is "stew meat" anyway? You never know for sure what it really is. :):) Anyway, I'm really glad you liked the flavor!


I'd heard someone else suggest putting a square of dark chocolate in the bowls before laddling the chili on top. I wanted to give it a try then and I certainly do now!


This sound delicious. Can someone help me? I would like to serve this for a party, but where I live in South Africa for some reason everyone is serving chili, so I want to be different. Has anyone made Nigella's chili with cornbread topping? Reading the comments, it seemed it didn't actually work for everyone but seemed such a good idea. If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know. Thanks, Marilyn


Tried this & loved it. The chocolate is magic!

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