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November 08, 2006



Oh, my!!! Love it!

As soon as i saw the first photo and the headline... eggplant, i knew there and then, i'm in love.

It looks absolutely divine! I bet the taste is as gorgeous as the photo. Is there any left? :)


That looks very interesting! I love such kinds of dishes...


It kept looking more and more delicious as you showed the picture of each layer. And wow! I can't believe you still have eggplant producing in November.


Sher, this looks fantastic. I've never had eggplant gratin and this will be the first. Thanks!


YOU DID NOT! :) That looks and sounds just out of this world. Oh my goodness. Adore eggplant; adore creamy tomato concotions. Adore Parmesan and Gruyere. All together? I feel faint.


mmmm that just looks so warm and savory and delish! oh how i'd like to slurp down a big bowl of that!!! which d.madison cookbook do you recommend?


You've gone and done it AGAIN, girlfriend. I've got to make this! I love your putting-it-together photos.


I wished I liked eggplant more than I do. I just don't. But I bet this recipe would be wonderful with any kind of summer squash!

I didn't know saffron tasted like honey! I never use it --to expensive - I use the cheap "substitute", turmeric, when I want a yellow color. I know it doesn't taste the same at all.

Gorgeous photos.



Thank you!!! (Eyes downcast.) No, it was all polished off in one night!!!! My husband and I are pigs. Oink!!


Thanks. It was very good! I really recommend it. :)


Thanks. Yes, I'm amazed that the eggplant is still producing. It's getting colder, so I don't know how long the plant will hang in there.


Thanks--I love gratins. :) I have yet to meet one I didn't like!


I DID TOO! :):) I think this recipe was designed for you! It's calling to you..."Lisa, Lisa"


Thanks, I did quite a bit of slurping!!!! I think I like the Greens Cookbook--it's very nice!!!


Thanks! It's so much fun to do layers of food. Not sure why that is!


I think the eggplant could be replaced with squash or other things. As long as it had the tomatoes, cheese and saffron crust, it would be delicious. Yes, saffron has a wonderful honey taste, as long as the right amount is used. Otherwise it tastes bitter. It is expensive, but you use so little it lasts longer than you would think.


WOW! What a delicious combination of ingredients. I love all these things and in a gratin - easy!

Thank you for entering this to for the WHB.


Saffron cream...swan-kay!


I'd love diving into this custard!
Saffron creats such a lovely color in your dish, I can almost inhale that honey aroma here! Sher, you're just wonderful, from choosing a recipe, deciding on ingredients, to cooking!


Ohmygawd, once again I'm starving as soon as I read your blog. It should come with a disclaimer: Do not read me if you're on a diet. Fantastic!


Oh my. This sounds fantastic. "I lose control around cheese!" Me too!!

Not only does the eggplant gratin look fabulous, but I want that yellow baking dish!


Makes me hungry. Looks yummy. I want.


OMG! Those layerin photos are fabulous!!! I love eggplant.
"Lose control around cheese" for sure that me! What a wonderful dish!!
Good job girl.


Oh my Sher, this is turning eggplant on its ear- simply brilliant. I love all the ingredients separately and yet would never have thought of them all together. I've heard people rave about Deborah Madisen and now I'm completely sold. Love the baking dish too, so pretty.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Such a nice comfey dish! Eggplants, love them!


wow, that gratin looks mouth-watering!


Oh, Sher!

What an incredibly brilliant and beautiful dish! I have some baby eggplant in the fridge and I think I may just try this.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Scott at Real Epicurean

This sounds fab, in a kind of Moussaka gone wrong kind of way.

That's not an insult - it's a compliment, honest!


Cheese, cream and more cheese, what else can one ask for, for the ultimate indulgence? :p Sher, this is a lovely gratin!


What an absolutely heavenly dish. I love eggplant, but most of my family does not. This recipe would be a great way to sneak one of my favorite veggies on the table.

Thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks for the post

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