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November 25, 2006



I'm not sure which I'd dive my fork into first. Both look divine!


I agree with Glenna, they both sound fantastic. Never too much cilantro for me, but then you already know that! Now if someone could just come up with a low-carb corn tortilla. Sigh. I'm saving this to del.icio.us right now.


Mmm, that slaw looks delish. I think I'm going to have to get a cabbage and try it; I'm planning on making an easy chicken stew I saw Dave Lieberman (Food Network, Good Deals w/Dave Leiberman I think is the name of the show) do yesterday, only using leftover turkey instead of the chicken. This slaw would go wonderfully well with the stew (which also has cilantro in it -- but you can never have too much cilantro).


Any time I don't get my own turkey leftovers, I cook a whole new turkey!


I was thinking of making turkey enchiladas for dinner tonight, too!


let your cilantro keep coming, love it! And no shame to tell you a big drool is hanging whenever I see sour cream + sharp chedder!


Great dishes as always Sher. Both going in my del.icio.us file. I'm still in recovery mode from all the cooking and eating at my house. Can't think of a thing I want to eat! Maybe I'll lose weight. :)


Mmmm, your enchiladas always look so good! You need to create a special enchilada recipe tag!


wow. that looks divine!


I'm not a real cole slaw fan, but this sounds delish! I love cilantro and the thought of lime and cumin infused sounds very very tasty. Those enchiladas look great too. I will have to try these recipes someday! (and my husband will be totally thanking you! LOL!)


This seems like the perfect answer to turkey leftovers.


Both dishes look delicious. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely being trying them both.


half way through the receipe now, I know it will be fantastic, but, what about the salsa, no instructions on what to do with it, oh well, think I can see it on top in the picture so I'll do that


by the way, i'm not cooking at 10.55pm 31 August, I'm cooking at 5.56pm 1 September in NZ.


I never thought of cooking the tortillas first, is there some specific reason why? Thanks, will do for my enchilada recipe: http://www.cookeatdelicious.com/meat-recipes/chicken-recipes/cilantro-chicken-enchiladas-recipe.html

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