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November 18, 2006


Bonnie in Virginia

So sooorry U are very sick this weekend. Plez get well sooon!
Sooorry, Upsie, sometimes we must share the things we love the most.


hey sher -- FINALLY found your website! got a dead end link from your comments the other times you visited me.

sorry to hear about your temperature and feeling so ill. that's gotta feel awful. :( hope kitty[ies] are staying by your side.

feel better soon :-]


Sorry to hear you're not well. When you're better, check out Thing 1 (or is it Thing 2??) on my site


Awww poor Sher! I hope you're feeling better SOON! Being sick sucks. Poor Upsie is surely worrying about her mom. You're so kind to be giving some loving to the feral kitties. Are they really anti-social? Are they in their own space?


As sson as this photo loaded, I was laughing so hard! You always come up with the most droll captions for your Upsie posts. Thanks for that. Tell Upsie to be useful and make you some chicken broth. Hope you're better very soon.


Oh Sher! Oh man, I am so sorry you're sick! That sounds pretty nasty. If I could, I come and feed you a big bowl of your own salmon, ginger, and rice soup which, by the way, I made the other evening. Delicious! Take care of yourself, okay?


My husband & I just experienced the whopping cough so I can really empathize with you. Being sick is just the pits. Get that kitty to curl up on you tummy and keep you warm. Feel better soon.

Sarah and Tiggy

I hope you feel better! Good luck with the feral kitties.... Upsie looks so concerned in that photo!


I hope that your are feeling a lot better now...

Upsie is absolutely gorgeous on this picture! Her hair is superbly fluffy and nicely combed.

Those 2 kitties are really cute!


Oh Upsie! Your poor mommy. Give her a cuddle and tell her I hope she feels better soon. And be nice to those 2 kitties. They don't yet have the wonderful parents you have. :)


upsie, something tells me u are the best medecine! tell your mom we all over here hopes she feels better very soon and that we loved reading about how you got your name. ((snuggles from max and noosh))


Sending big get well wishes from the east coast. That's a high fever, and somehow I bet a lung infection is uncomfortable. I'm guessing it involves a lot of coughing.

The expression on Upsie's face is priceless -- she looks good and irritated. I guess sharing the house with squirrels is bad enough, but kittens? Talk about irritating.

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