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November 24, 2006



upsie i do the same thing to my cats. indoor lighting is just impossible! just humor us! you look so funny on the brocolli box, what are you up too?!


Those cats are so adorable. Yesterday I was playing with my sister-in-law's calico kitty, man was she purring or what. What a pretty cat, too!


I love visiting your blog! Pictures of Upsie and the squirrels always make me smile. That cat is so cute - always posing for the camera. Thanks so much for posting your pics. they are so cute!


Indoors or out, Upsie rules!

Bonnie in Virginia

Dear Stacy,
My exact thoughts for what you posted regarding Upsie, the baby squirrels and the 2 new visiting kitties. How can it be said better than that?


Upsie-where has your joie de vivre gone? Too much holiday turkey, I bet. But don't worry, I still think you're awesome. :)


Upsie, I'm glad you finally got outside for a breath of fresh air! How sweet the guest kitties look; I'm glad they're getting used to being with people, even if Upsie is not!


Lovely Upsie, you're so furry! I love you on the broccoli box - what a face you have! Kamkaze says hi. He's in his carrot, but photobucket's not co-operating.
Hey Sher - are you feeling better?


Upsie, you are right, your Mom's behavior is fraudulous! You must feel like an object when you are moved around not for your own pleasure, but in order to take a forced pose in front of the camera, LOL...

The broccoli box picture is awesome! You are ever so adorable.

The little critters are breathtakingly cute and the two other kitties look very sweet...


At least you get to go out sometimes, Upsie! The broccoli box pikshur is really cute :)

Thanks for joining Weekend Cat Blogging #77!
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree
of the
House of the (Mostly) Black Cats


oh, upsie! how is it possible for you to look so happy with those 2 interlopers moving in on your space?!?

i bet your mom lets you have a little nibble now and then of her glorious food just to keep you so looking so fab.

sorry you missed out on turkey this year. we still have some sausage/apple stuffing [with garlic, too!] if you want to drop by.

ta! for now. i have to take some icky meds and go to bed. but first, a little taste of those leftovers.

miss 'boo

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