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November 04, 2006



Poor Ushie! :)

Bonnie in Virginia

Upsie won't be able to go outside and play until the baby squirrels have been placed in their new home. Enjoy the autumn time of year. Winter is coming.
Bonnie in Virginia


Upsie, you're very cute. But you're getting some serious competition in the cute department from those squirrels.


hahah i bet big smoochy's the one in the middle giving us the evil eye! remember who's king of the jungle! thats you upsie :)


I bet Upsie would like to give Big Smoochy a "foot massage!"


Oooohhh, Upsie, that foot massage seems delightful; one just has to see your ecstatic face to understand that you love it!!!

The squirrels a real cute...


Awww, a foot massage is always so much fun!

Sarah and Tiggy

Ahh... squirrelies... munching... too cute... (seizes chest)... call 911.. cuteness overdose.... HELP!

Seriously, you should send one of your squirrel pics to www.cuteoverload.com. They are that cute.



mmm... life is good Upsie! *puuuurrrrrr*


There's my Upsie! I'd massage her any day. And those squirrel babies were pretty darn cute. Loved watching them eat grapes.


Cute Upsie! Cute squirrels! Cool Glenna!


WOW! Those are some white socks! Upsie's so pretty and relaxed looking. I love the squirrels. Does Hellboy still hate you?

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