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November 11, 2006



Cat doesn't know how good he's got it.
That was really fun!

Bonnie in Virginia

Sorry you can't go out as much as you would like.
I love the pictures, once again. Love Upsie, love the squirrels, love your garden.
Bonnie in Virginia


The squirrel cage is very cool. Poor Upsie, so abused. She can come to my house and visit...I have a nice big yard and a great pyrhenese next door named Khan who's lonely and loves to play.


Upsie is such a charming cat! Every time I see her sweet face, I dream of cuddling her, but unfortunately that's not possible...

Poor little soul having to endure so much!

Those squirrels are abso-lu-tely cute! I love their smiley looks...


hi upsie! so glad you got to hang outside, ya look so cute out there on brocolli patrol. keep 'em in line!!! Big hugs.


this post contains all the elements of a great illustrated narrative: drama, mystery, glamour [upsie, of course], danger, cuteness, humor and what appears to be perfect bread.

to confirm this observation, could the author please say more about the bread?

[sorry, i've been lo-carbing for about 4 years now so my carb judgement is whacked -- wonderbread might even look good and twinkies could be to die for...hmmm, well it hasn't gone that far YET.]

thanks, sher. i agree with tanna -- that was fun!


How wonderfully Garfield-esk!!


That is a cute cat! You know, my Grandma insists on feeding her cats tuna from the can. They are spoiled, living the life!


Upsie, you have such a great mom. Don't hate her for setting limits for you!


Upsie, you poor thing. I am sure things will be better once "The Vermin" are gone. Till then make sure Sher gives you lots more tuna ;)


YOU MADE A RECIPE CATEGORY LIST!!! Yaaayyyy! Thank you so much! I know it was a huge undertaking. You rock!


Mace is jealous. He never gets tuna. He did steal a piece of mandarin orange though...


hi-lar-e-ous!! poor upsie locked inside b/c of something she'd rather eat for dinner... life can be so cruel.... lol, too funny


Upsie! What's up with your tongue? It looks like it's coming right out of your nose! How bizzare!
I love Hellboy and his "go to hell" posture! Seriously, I laughed all day thinking about it!
Nuzzles to Upsie!


Darned squirrels! Turning your life upside down like that. What's a kitty to do?


Adorable, furry Upsie! Too wonderful. Can't believe I didn't get it together for WCB again. Well -- at least I can look at the other contributors.

The tuna sammie is no slouch, either.

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