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November 15, 2006



What a great story. And I love the idea of tomato bread. Perhaps the marina spices gave it an extra kick? The color is GORGEOUS.


This looks so yummy. I could eat an entire loaf of freshly baked bread in one sitting. And I'd love to see what the original pumpkin bread looks like someday.


wow, that looks AMAZING!
I'd make a really minimal BLT, with just mayo, lettuce and bacon... hungry...


Very interesting. I don't think I've heard of Meta Givens. Have to keep an eye out for that title when I'm looking at cookbooks at yard sales!


I like pumpkin bread just fine, but a savory tomato bread sounds much more appealing -- especially your idea of adding parmesan to it next time you make it. I bet this bread would be great for a grilled cheese sandwich too.


As usual, Sher, you've got my mouth watering! That is one *pulchritudinous* bread! I am so totally making that this weekend. I'm also all set to make the chutney - can't wait to try it.

One question - I make a good homemade bread myself, but it always comes out too dense. Flavorful and great for toast and mopping up juice from your plate, but too dense for sandwiches - how do you get your loaf to be so light?

Thank you again for terrific recipes and lovely photography.

Ari (Baking and Books)

This sandwich looks do delicious and I love how the color of the bread heightens the green of the avocado. You know, my grandmother got married when she was 14. When I think about her and about the age your mom got married it just amazes me how much responsibility they had at such a young age.


Ooh, I am deathly afraid of making my own bread, so I stare at your photos in awe. I've never had tomato bread but would love it, I'm sure. And then you went and made a bacon sandwich out of it, which just clinches why you are my hero.


oh that looks amazing! tomato bread sounds perfectly lovely. this reminds me of these tomato flavored potato chips i have only ever seen in europe that i lust after. the picture of the slice with butter is torturing me, you luck lucky!!! great post too, oh how i love your blog :)


Ordinarily I don't like the idea of "flavored" breads, but yours is brilliant. Gonna do that (and I don't bake!).


First the bread: Wow
and then the sandwich: Wow oh wow!
Wonderful color.
It really is wonderful using the things of our mothers. I really have to think anything will taste better because.
I really relate to you finding another set of the cookbook. Simple and basic is never out of date.


Sher, I too treasure a set of bowls my mother used to use and some wonderful, funky old cookbooks. I know how you feel about your bowl.
Your bread is fabulous!!



Sher, you can't see me, but I am standing and applauding for this incredible bread! While I appreciate your sweet words, I think you are truly the brilliant bread baker here.

I just loved reading this post and the sweet story behind it. And believe me this tomato bread is on my list of recipes to try.

Thank you so much for taking part in this event, Sher!



Thank you! I do think the tomato sauce gave the bread an extra flavor--but it wasn't too strong. I did like the color. :):)


Thank you! I absolutely can inhale a loaf of bread. And that's why i stopped making bread every week! I think I will make the pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving.


Thank you! Yes, you can't beat bacon on good bread!


The book is very interesting, full of all kinds of info on being a good "Modern" cook. Some of it is very dated, but it 's very interesting to see how people viewed cooking at that time. I've seen Meta Givens for sale on Ebay!.


Yes, I want to add parmesan cheese to it next time, I think that will be terrific. I like to add cheese to things whenever I can!! :):)


Ooohh!! I like that "pulchritudinous" description. :):) Sounds like the way they used to describe a sexy woman!

This bread, made with pumpkin or tomato puree, always has a lighter texture than most bread. It must be from the puree.


My grandmother got married when she was 14! And she had her first child a year later. I can't fathom that for the life of me.


Thank you!!! If you have a food processor or Mixmaster, this is a very easy bread to make. It all goes very fast! Just sing one of your favorite songs as you make it and bingo--it's ready!


Thank you!!! Tomato flavored potato chips??? Oh, that is too wonderful! I love your blog too. Would send you a slice of buttered bread if I could.


I think you will like this, if you make it. It's tomato!! You're a great champion of tomatoes, so they would be very happy to jump into some bread dough just for you! :):)


Thank you. I have so many of my mother's cookware and dishes and they are my favorites, even if they're banged up. And yes, it seems to make the food taste better.


Thank you. It's a good feeling to use things that have a history, isn't it? Very comforting.


Thank you for thinking up all these great events. They are great fun. You just got things cleaned up from the Festa! You're so nice to like my loaf of bread, your baking really inspires me (and others).


Man...I wish I had something like that for lunch today! lol


Now that looks like a mighty tasty sammich!


Sher, I'm glad you didn't have pumpkin. Tomato bread sounds so good. I wish I has some with feta now.


Wow!!! Those toast look great! Thanks for participating.


Your bread looks so good! I just loved looking at all the comfort foods on Ivonne's roundup. Sorry to hear you are ill; someone should whip you up a dish or two from that event to set you right! Hope you're soon feeling better -- lung things are the worst.


I've made some "emergency" substituions in my life, but tomato for pumpkin?! Wow. And it even turned out! What a great idea. Good post and lovely pictures. Thanks so much for the idea.


I also grew up with Mum's Meta Givens cookbook. My own two-volume set is among my most prized possessions!


I was so happy today to finally find a link to one of my most favorite cookbook authors. I have been trying to get information about Meta Givens off and on for years.I was 22 years old when I first had the pleasure of laying hands on a Meta Givens cookbook ,I am43 years old now.I purchased it from a thrift shop.Ihe cover and title pages have long since gone and all that is left of the book is pages 783-900,and lots of tasty memories.Can you tell me what the title of my Meia Givens cookbook? Recipe#1026 for Corn Fritters is on the bottom of page 805.God bless you and your family


fish and bread

Geri Lehr

I,too, got married at 17 and received the two volume Meta Givens Encyclopedia of Modern Cooking free when I purchased a set of encycopedias from a door to door salesman. Those books became my best friend as I taught myself to cook from them. I'm 67 and I still have the books. They have stains on them from years gone by. The covers have fallen off but I still have them. Recently, I searched for Meta Givens in Yahoo and was amazed at finding all of the comments about her books. I thought I was the only person who ever knew who she was. The step by step instructions on how to make a pie are awesome. I made my first pie using those directions and the pie came out wonderful. There is a chocolate loaf cake recipe that is so marvelous and there is a wonderful sauerkraut cooked with bacon drippings, onions and beef bouillon that changed by family's mind about sauerkraut.

As I read other people's comments and memories about these cook books I could hardly hold back the tears. I feel a connection with all of those who have enjoyed her books.

Geri Lehr, Tulsa, OK

Ouida Welch

I read your Tomatoe Bread after searching the net for a cook book. It was my sisters favorite one. It was lost in a house fire. It is called The Encyclopedia of American Cooking. Bought before 1963 and contained a recipe called Election Day Cake. Please I need help finding this book. My sister lost her son and this book contained several of his favorite recipes. I would like to give it to her on her birthday.E-mail:[email protected] Thank You!!!!!


Regarding Meta Givens, she is the sole cookbook we refer to for all things, still today, the meat charts, the fruit descriptions, setting the table, storage etc. Though a bit outdated it's no fluff is a miracle cookbook. Almost anything we are unsure of is in there, sometimes better than the internet! Meta Rules and don't you forget it. PS Don't forget the Possum recipes for a good laugh!

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