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November 29, 2006



Pumpkin yeast bread sounds delicious and your loaves look lovely! I may have to look into this one.


you are such a great baker as well! Any more misshape or anything please remember me I'm here, hehee... Seem I unable to find your cranberry conserve recipe... cranberry is already on my shopping list!
Last but not least, gorgeous photos!



Thank you. People seem to enjoy the color of this a lot. It's cheerful!


Thank you! I'm going to do a post on the jam and conserve in the next week. I was going to put it in this post, but I had been running around so much yesterday I decided to go to sleep instead! :):) It was one of those days!


*sigh* I wish we had a coolio mixer


Pumpkin is so versatile, i never knew. Thanks to you i've learnt something new today. :)

The conserve looks great. Was the piece your's with teeth marks? :)


Beautiful breads - I wouldn't consider that misshapen but handmade!


That photo of the dough rising? I just want to sink both my hands into that!


Wow! Those loaves look so tempting. Do you think the dough would work using whole wheat flour? I'd love to make this next week.
Can't wait for your conserve post. :)


I always seem to hear about these activities too late! I definitely will be making loads of Christmas goodies next month, but not before the 1st. Oh, well. Yours look scrumptious!


I seriously need to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer. I mix everything by hand and it is not easy especially with the colder months!!

That looks delicious!


Your bread looks extremely good! I'd love to have a slice of it with that yummy cranberry conserve...


That looks to die for! The combination is fantastic! So pretty too.

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