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November 13, 2006



Salmon with sake, i loved this Sher. Thank you!


Goodness, it looks absolutely stunning - so OK more salt and thinner sauce - I can handle that!


Good luck with the recipe archives. At least you have categories, and don't have to create the links all by hand. If I'd known then what I know now I never would have hosted my recipe links in a separate blog. (Hell, if I'd know then what I know now I would have used word press or typepad for my blog, LOL.) Now I could switch to the new blogger, but frankly I'm just scared to do it. I'm waiting until it's out of beta!

I can find some of your recipes when I want them, in my del.icio.us cookbook! But it will be nice to have an archives.


Sher, love your thick cut of salmon :)


This looks so lucious. I want to frame it!

Sher, what area of the US do you live in? I thought I knew, but am thinking maybe I don't.


Oh, I love salmon, and I have one waiting to be cooked in my freezer right now. I think I may try your glaze. It looks delicious!


Before I read your entire post I was thinking that I was going to make this for dinner tonight. Dag! That picture looks delicious.


I've got some salmon waiting in the freezer begging to be cooked using your recipe!
Okay, how are you doing your recipe indexing? I, like Kalyn, started long ago manually creating links. Mine are on a draft that I haven't posted yet. I must be doing this the absolute hardest way possible! Any suggestions?



Thank you!


Your site looks so great to me, I wish I could get mine to look even half as good. My index is "done"--but I know I'll need to work on it to get it better, but at least I've established some sort of system.


I loved it too! Wish I had some leftovers. But, that never happens with salmon!


Thank you!! I live in Davis, Ca. :)


The glaze is good--but it's thick. Maybe yours will be thinner. I did put a lot of gingeroot in it. Addicted to the stuff!


With some stweaking it would be better. I did enjoy the salmon and the spinach a lot. If the glaze had been juicy, everything would have been perfect. But, it shouldn't be too hard to thin it out.


Typepad has a very simple system where you click on category archiving. Then you set your categories-- "beef", "cheese" and so forth. Everytime you write a post you assign it to a category from a drop down menu. Then it's saved there automatically. Simple, right? Well, my problem was that I didn't designate proper categories from the beginning, so I had to go back and do that to each post! Ugh! Hang in there!

Ari (Baking and Books)

That looks awesome! I usually make my salmon with a honey/soy glaze but this sounds super good too... hmm....



Salmon, ginger, lime, spinach...so many of my favorite things!!!

Thanks for sharing - it's definitely on the menu this week.


I like this dish! Big fan of salmon and noodles are pretty easy to make as well!


Absolutely gorgeous! That makes me want to give up my evil ways and start eating clean again.


this looks just fine to me! i love gingery salmon too, its just one of those two flavors that go perfect together :)


This looks delicious and a wonderful way to prepare salmon!


I made this last night without the udon noodles -- very good!

Piedro Molinero

I became already hungry for it while reading your recipe. Thank you for sharing this, it sounds so delicious.

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