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November 22, 2006



that looks lovely, especially the crust on top...yummm


mmmm...that looks soooooooo good. You're really getting me in the mood to start cooking!


I love it when you can leave the butter out or even cut it in half and not miss it!! But do not take it out of the topping!


This looks so delicious. I am going to try this casserole over the weekend for my guests. Till then, I'm drooling over the pictures :)


sher, i dont know what i like better that beautiful baking dish or the sweet potatos! ok fine, i'll take both if you insist. {hope your feeling better}


That looks delicious. Normally, I make my mashed sweet potatoes with butter, garlic and rosemary because I like the sweet savory combination, but I think I may try this instead this year. Thanks!


Only 1/3 a stick of butter? I think Butter when I think of Ruth's Chris

Ari (Baking and Books)

I love how this dish looks and sounds. At the in-laws they always cover sweet potatoes with marshmellows but despite that combo's popularity in the US I've never liked it. This one sounds more like something I'd love, especially with the bit of crunch on top.


Okay, Sher, this cinches it. This is what I'm bringing as my "sweet potato dish" that I was assigned for the family T-giving dinner t'mrow! Thank you!


MMM. There are several people in my family who would go crazy over this.


mmm... sweet potatoes. And I love the dish they're in too. Can you come to my Thanksgiving dinner and bring this? Oh, and Upsie too? ;)


Happy thanksgiving to you and your family Sher! and to Upsie!


Hey! We have a Ruth's Chris here in Toronto. This looks delicious and I must try!!!


This looks wonderful Sher. I'll bet there won't be any leftovers tonight!


The casserole looks fabulous (what beautiful photos). I love sweet potatoes, and how wonderful with the crunchy nut topping. I must incorporate this into Christmas dinner...


A friend brought the leftovers of this sweet potato casserole to work...what a treat!!! sidedish? dessert? you decide:)


I did not like sweet potato casserole but I tried this at Ruth's Chris in Kansas City last week, and oh my...how wondeful! I even asked for vanilla ice cream and it was just as good as a desert!

Lizzie warden


Jeannette Gomez

Seriously this is the best sweet potatoes! My family enjoy making this dish but they enjoy the eating part was the best!!!Yummy!!!!!

Juanita Beck

I just ate at Ruth's on Wednesday night and this was my first time having those. I immediatley fell in love - and found your blog! I love it. THANKS so much - yours look absolutly amazing-can't wait to try them this weekend!


I had the sweet potato casserole at a Ruth's Chris in Hawaii, and they made it with Okinawan Sweet Potatoes instead. It was a bit sweeter and made us think of brownies because of the darker color! Best ever!


It is never okay to lie, sometimes okay to lie


i want to make this for christmas but a few days ahead...how would i go about reheating it if i froze it for a few days?


Hello, this may sound like a stupid question, but are sweet potatoes and yams the same thing? I want to make this dish for Thanksgiving, but all I am able to find are white sweet potatoes. Thank you!


If I am making this as a non-dairy dish, will margerine work instead of butter? Looks delicious! Thanks :-)



Yes, margarine should work just fine! :):)


Any idea if this would work with canned yams? (sorry, I know that's an awful question, just need to save time this holiday!)


It's not an awful question--and it would work just fine with the canned yams. Enjoy!!!


Sorry, Shannon...margarine does not make something non-dairy. It still has whey in it. You'll have to use just oil, but it won't crisp up like if you used margarine or butter. (I know because my daughter is allergic to all milk products & byproducts!)

Bill Sumrall

Is that the same recipe Ruths Chris uses ?

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