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November 10, 2006



Hey there Sher, Are we both up late or what? Great recipe and photos. This is one my husband will love.
As for the recipe index: mine is sitting in my drafts folder where I take it out, frown at it and put it away again, at least once a week!


LOL!! Yes, I'm up late!! I'm very dissatified with the look of my blog--but if I can't even do a recipe index, how can I redesign it? :)

This was a a good recipe, but I'm ga ga over anything with corn tortillas!


you know the magazine people have some specialist (food stylist) to arrange the food "just" for photo. Very often I see the ingredients even not fully cooked (less soft so looks better in pic). But hey, your photo is great! and I know your dish always tastes good too!


That looks super good, yeah I'm a nut for corn tortillas also! Love roasting the peppers - I've always put mine in paper bags. Must try this one.
Well, my recipe index is only a gleam in my eye. It seems that talking on the phone and cooking are better skills to have anyway!


never roasted a pepper, charring it up and then revealing that gorgeous emerald color is something i must do asap!! this looks so delish, i think if you have an extra room you should turn it into a mini bed and breakfast. all your meals make me drool. droooool, see?


That looks delicious and very comforting! And I love tortillas...


In your photo, it looks like the enchilada stack is floating in heaven.
I can't believe how good this sounds. And I have a feeling it's easier to make than one might think, staring at that dauntingly long recipe. Heck, it's just food! You cook it and assemble it and eat it!



Yes, the photo in the magazine could not possibly be made according to the recipe, as theirs was much too tall. The middle is just filled with cheese, which melts. Regardless, it was really good!


Yes, if you can cook something that requires two hands, while you have the phone tucked under your chin, I think it's a real skill! :):) I should put that on my resume!


I know about drooling--when I look at your photos. I go back sometimes and look at those pear muffins on your site. Yum to the max!


I can't imagine life without tortillas. And I can usually find some kind of leftovers to roll them around! :):)


The recipe is long and I think it makes the recipe seem more labor intensive than it was. I did cook dry beans, but canned beans could be used. And the great thing about the stew is that it can be made ahead of time--which is what I did. I sort of wandered off while it was cooking. And I forgot to mention that I used roasted shredded chicken from a grocery store. This was actually a pretty simple meal--and great tasting. But, you know, just wave a tortilla at me and I'm yours!

Ari (Baking and Books)

As soon as I saw this picture I immediately licked my lips. Damn that looks good!!


That looks so delicious; I wish I had the ingredients to make it right now. I even have a whole package of corn tortillas that have been waiting for a recipe like this!


That looks so good and uncomplicated and so not a cliche, if you know what I mean. I really like the thought of those flavors together.


this sounds like a perfect recipe just about now :) I love the idea of combining the textures.

bill bushwacker

That looks so good! If I wasn't so lazy, I would cook it up, but then I would deep fry the dish in a fry daddy to really make it good. Everything is better deep fried!


Julie Tilsner

Oh God Sher. I should know better than to come to your site when I'm starving....
That just looks so delicious....I might have to run out for a Mexican food for lunch...
Roasting peppers? Dare I try it??

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