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November 17, 2006



Too, too funny Sher. Great post and fabulous looking chicken! Zeese La Cocotte, c'est bon, non?


Christine's French is much better than mine. Wonderful post. I love the pan. And I'd have to say that rosemary is one of my very favorite herbs with chicken. I'm thinking at the after-Christmas sales I may treat myself to a few new kitchen things. (LOL, I already have more of everything kitcheny than ten women would need.)


I WANT ONE TOOOOOOOOO! It looks and sounds crazily good!


Half price - I'd have been tempted to get two! He is really a cutie!
You make me realize I should try roasting a chicken in my le Crueset.
Now, I'll be wish for a Maurice in my kitchen. Don't know where I'd find a place for him but I'm sure I could make him a good home.


I appreciate the life like chicken pot :D


I want a Maurice, too. Wonderful post, Sher.


perfect, i know what i'm making for supper this weekend! [alas, no “La Cocotte,” so i'll have to fake it with a slow roast of some kind -- still working out the details in my head.]

thanks, sher.

did upsie get a nibble?


oh my god i want one!! how awesome is he?!?
you should make coq au vin in him, that would be awesome!


Oh wow! That plate looks scrumptious! I wish I had it right now. What a fabulous lunch it would make. Roasted chicken and veggies is one of my favorite meals and I love the way it and the herbs makes the house smell. So yummy. And GREAT bakeware!


Such a funny post! I've been coveting those heavy pans for a while now...even the ones at Ikea are pretty expensive..but one day soon, I'll buy it :)


I'm worried about myself. I read this entire post with a phony over-the-top French accent in my head and I didn't realize I was doing it until I'd finished reading. Hhhhmmmmm....

Anyway, cool pot, great looking chicken, funny post!


Best pot ever!


Sher, this is such a great post! Very witty and funny!

I have a chicken to cook for dinner tonight... can i borrow Maurice? *giggles*



hahha bonjour mourice! you are so fashionable i just love it!

i have heard of this brand of pan but never seen one, i am so jealous. lust lust!!


I want one, too! And I wish I had more opportunities to cook a whole chicken.

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