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November 27, 2006



Beautiful write up. I especially like the Meta Givens Encyclopedia Of Modern Cooking. Cooking from that would be like touching your history. Madison is so incredibly always good.


92...dags that's a ton!! lol


I recognize (and love!) many of the books pictured on your shelf. I don't have any of Deborah Madison's books but because of your recommendation and seeing the recipes from her books which you've posted I have all of her books on my wishlist.

Another book you mention a lot and I have on my wishlist as a result is The Mustards Grill cookbook.


you always make such wonderful things from your cookbooks! ps. i used your leftver turkey enchilada filling recipe but wrapped it in puff pastry last night. it was bueno, bravo, damn good!!


Great post Sher. You and I share many common cookbook interests. I don't have any Indian cuisine books though, but after your description, I may have to get myself one.

Ari (Baking and Books)

Yay! I love looking at other peoples book collections. I have four of the same books. :-D


Sure, I'll write about mine. I collect cookbooks but rarely use the recipes out of them. Why? I have NO clue. LOL!!! I'll probably write about these later this week sometime.

BTW, my Grandpa was born & raised in IL! My dad was also born in IL but they moved out because Grandpa was in the Army.


whew! 92 is a lot!! My husband thinks my 19 books are too many :D


Great post - I love your books and how you write about them - to say nothing of how you write up the recipes from them.

Thanks for sharing and I just might do this one too.


Isn't it funny how those cookbooks just creep up on you! Before you know it you'll have 100!


wow, your scope of interest is very wide! Thanks for trying out and sharing the yummy recipes (yeah, I remember how yummy of Deborah's dishes...). Wish I could play along this meme, however I don't own any cookbooks so far, if I'm going to buy ones, surely go for Baking with Julia and some from Beatrice Ojakangas *hint hint to my hubby*. But I read quite a lot of Italian food magazines though.


Yep...I asked the question on chowhound once...how many cookbooks do you own. With 32 replies..we counted about 13,000 cookbooks and 114 ft of food magazines (50 per foot).

I counted mine..I have 153 and 5 feet of food magazines. Yours are so neatly arranged!


Yikes! I knew I had to read the post when I saw the photo of cookbooks, you will laugh to find my photo of cookbooks here:

I use a small, loud minority of my books and happily surround myself with all the others. My small, small pantry is home to brick upon brick of food magazines. How does one ever part with them? Glad the floor is cement on top of ground as the weight of all my mags would surely break through plaster and wood...

Now, I need to go count my cookbooks!!!


I wish I had room to store all the cookbooks I wish I could own, but not yet. I want to get a bookcase specifically for my kitchen to store my collection.

I am itching to get the Julie Sahni cookbook as it always appears whenever the question of the best Indian cookbook arises. I love Indian food and am teaching myself about it's spices and flavors. It's really fun. Be prepared to have a fragrant house!


I'm so glad you did this meme. 92 cookbooks. Wow. I'm not surprised, given your talent in the cucina. And that Hot, Salty, Sour, Sweet cookbook looks like one I'll have to pick up.


yikes! is the cookbook tag party over?

never mind. i had fun gathering the favored few i have pared down to.

several i have hung on to for the pictures alone, so inspirational when it comes to a pretty presentation [sher, you shine in that!] and ideas for when the well runs dry.

lo & behold, i discovered the original jelly pizza recipe!!

here's a list of the books:

The Dinner Party Cook Book [for the pictures!], edited by Hilaire Walden
Not Afraid of Flavor, Recipes from Magnolia Grill, by Ben & Karen Barker
Salad, by Amy Nathan
The Martha Stewart Cookbook
Williams-Sonoma Vegetarian [a Goat Cheese & Leek Tart to die for!]
Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts [was there ever a prettier presentation of fruit in pastry?]
Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Child, Bertholle & Beck [sigh, soupe à l'oignon, gilding the lily with both wine AND Cognac]
The Food of Greece, by Vilma Liacouris Chantiles
The Complete Book of Home Baking, by Ann Seranne [published in 1950, surely impossible to replace, it too should be stored in the hurricane box]. I've had a paperback version since the early 70s. I used it tonight to make the sweet potato biscuits. In fact, I use it all the time like you would a dictionary or google even -- as a valuable tool to look everything up.

the photos can be seen here. i hope you can visit. http://jellypizza.blogspot.com/2006/11/get-tagged.html

thanks, sher, that was a great idea you had, i'm sorry to have to confess to you there's nary a mexican recipe in my whole collection!

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