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October 27, 2006



The Napa Valley looks beautiful, your meal at Mustards Grill looks delicious, and your meatballs look wonderful!

The lemon meringue pie looks particularly enticing. I had to go back and take a second look at that picture. Yum! Yum! Yum!


Oh, me too, am a meatballs fan. Too bad i can't find that chipotle in adobo sauce here. Most interesting, the mixture of beef and turkey. I've never tried to mix the meat before. What a great idea!

Your food photos are really good. My tummy's starting to ramble...


mmmm... yummy! i love meatballs... any kind... anywhere... hungry...


yes, meatballs. mee too! i recently discovered chipotle in adobo so i'm excited to see recipes, this looks wonderful i can just taste it! oh and theres that ahi burger i've been lusting after since you cooked it! thanks for thi pics of your trip, yay!


I thought you two ladies had such a great time out there and forgot all about WHB, hehee... oh mine that lemon pie with brown sugar meringue, worth me taking a trip to the west coast!!! But I'd save room for your splendid meatballs!


Must make meatball recipe soon: My husband would swoon!
So you really did Mustards!! And you really did have another piece of that unbelievable pie!! And I say, You go, girl!

Sounds like you and Glenna had a great time together. I'm so happy for you.


All the pics are so tempting. Gotta love the ratio of meringue to lemon! Also the meatballs are so unusual with the chipotle. I am going to make them soon.


I have some chipotle in a can and made meatballs two nights ago. Next time..I'll try your recipe!

Meatballs...yummmmmm me too.


all your work & efforts is a labor of love!

and thanks for sharing it.

i have to say, your meatballs look the tastiest on the page. what a great idea, "sher's variation on a theme."



I wish you could have the pie. It's always wonderful--even the candied lemon peel that they use to decorate it is the best I've ever eaten.


Hope your tummy has stopped rumbling!!! :) I love almost any kind of meatball--they always put a smile on my face.


Yes--meatballs are king here in my house!


The chipotle in adobo sauce is just great! And a little of it goes a long way--so the little can lasts a long time!


Yes, that pie has me under it's spell. I have made a promise to myself that I will make one someday. The young woman who served us at the restaurant was new and she said they let her help make one pie--to let her see what it was like. And she loved doing it.


Yes, we did have a good time. I was not such a pig this time when I went to Napa. We also went to Dean & Delucca--but I didn't eat anything there.


The chipotle in adobo has a lovely smokey, but tangy taste, very distinctive!!! Hope you can try it.


I always buy lots of those little cans of chipotle in adobo soauce. I'm afraid they will disappear from the store!


Thanks--they are very tasty meatballs. I often wind up eating one cold, right out of the fridge at night. :)


mmmm metaballs. Rice + meetballs + french fries were my favorite combo as a kid. I never had meatballs with nutmeg and cinnamon, that sounds very interesting.


The meatballs sound fabulous. I'm a big meatball freak too. This is the first meatball recipe I've seen with a latin flair. I think I'll make it. (I know, any excuse to use more cilantro. I think I have to use another herb for a week or two before some of my cilantro-hating readers just abandon me completely.)

It sounds like you ladies are having a great time.


Although the garden is a treat, the meatballs look great. I too am a big meatball fan and will try this recipe!


Chipolte and Cilantro...what a power combo!

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