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October 18, 2006



I love this kind of dish! Love red snapper and tomatoes together with the onion and the garlic. Oh, my! Your photos are torturing me again... what a fabulous post and photos.

Gee, you've officially made me hungry now. Thanks! I hope you're happy. :)


Looks fantastic. I love saffron. We must have our gardens synchronized because I pulled up my tomato plants this Sunday. I saved about 20 nearly ripe tomatoes and put them on the table on my porch to see if they would ripen. There were a few ripe ones, which I ate (with the fish I made for my WHB post, coming tomorrow). How's that for synchronicity? Tomatoes, fish, and pulled up tomato plants.

Great minds think alike is all I can say! I thought of you because last night I made a Thai Chicken Soup which would have been great for someone with a cold. Hope the taste buds have officially returned.


I had some crispy red snapper a few weeks ago..it rocked!


I agree with Kalyn -- it looks fantastic. Sad to see tomato season end but it looks like you are sending it out in a memorable way.


I too, will miss tomatoes. Sigh. This dish looks lovely. [I gave a shout out to your tortilla soup, btw. ;-)].


oh sher, divine! i rarely cook with saffron these days, thanks for the reminder. mmmm, that looks so good!! i trust you gave upsie a bite?!


Me either, not usually prefer baked fish. Pan-fry/broiling is so easy to do, and your result is so beautiful!
Do your green tomatoes taste sweet? Some stores here sell them, I want to try...


I'm loving the sauce. I've been seeing so many tomato/saffron pairings that I just have to try this. Good thing I saw this before grocery shopping


It's past midnight and I'm so hungry: not a very good time to look at your pictures of fresh bread + fish + tomatoes + garlic mmmmmmm


That looks delicious and I'm getting very hungry! I love snapper and haven't had it in ages. This is definitely one to tag and try...


Now that I'm home, the second thing on my list of things to do (the first is to check in with all my favorite food bloggers) is to hightail it to the Co-op to scoop up any tomatoes that may be left in the bins!
Fabulous recipe Sher. I can't wait to try it.



Well, you've made me hungry so many times with your wonderful pictures--so we're not even even! :)


I saw your recipe today and it's funny how similar our thinking was this last week. (Twilight Zone music!)


Red snapper rules!


Yes, have to start the long wait until next Spring when the new tomatoes come in! Ah well.


Thanks for the mention--your soup is great!


I did give Upsie a tiny bit. She told me she prefers salmon!


My green tomatoes aren't as sweet as when they're ripe. But, they are interesting--and they taste great fried. Yum!


I think tomato and saffron are perfect together. I love that honey taste it adds to things.


Oh dear! :) That's happened to me so often too--sometimes after looking at your blog! Makes for late night snacking.


Yes, the red snapper is beckoning you! :)


I sure hope you got your tomatoes!


That looks fabulously delicious! I could just eat such a dish now...


I just fried green tomatoes... can't tell if I like it for now (but definitely not dislike them)... they's slightly tangy and salty (the batter). But you're right, it's interesting.


What a glorious looking dish!!!! The photos have me wanting to lick the screen. I can actually smell the aroma of shallots, garlic and saffron.

Thanks so much for sharing. This is definitely a keeper!


What a great way to end tomato season! This looks delicious.


I miss my fresh tomatoes. I just come to your site to stare at the fab food pics. I wonder if I could make this using the tomatoes I canned??

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