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October 16, 2006



Thank you for this recap', as beautiful as your blog.


What a wonderful roundup in spite of tech problems. I always have those problems too. Your site always loads really slow for me for some reason.

Anyway I hope my computer isn't too slow to read all these great entries.


Hi Sher, what a fantastic round-up! I'm sorry i completely missed it this time. Sigh.


What a great job! (The guest hosts are outdoing me by a long way, which I think is great!) I so know about those technical problems. For some reason I couldn't get Blogger to let me leave a comment on Katerina's post.

Thanks for being such a great host and inspiring cook.


Lovely job, Ms Sher!


I longing for trying a few new ingredients, so lucky I see them in this recap! Great job Sher, and with your beautiful layout the "seat" for everyone is just perfect! So please don't worry about mine huh (I got your e-mail)... hope Upsie's dinner didn't get delay after all these technical problem :P


Thank you Sher, nice round-up.


Fabulous roundup. I can't imagine what it would have looked like if you DIDN'T have technical difficulties.

Thanks for the hard work.


Great round-up, sher!! Thanks again for hosting this round of WHB :)


beautiful, thanks.

i have to say though that the kissable pussycat garnished with mexican sage from the previous post looks pretty delish, too.

does she mind kisses? taboo can't get away fast enough -- 'leave me alone!'

my ginger root plantings should be ready in a few weeks to begin harvesting. i'll post a photo when i do. i read your "grilled cheese" recipe with great interest -- and the chutney uses ginger root!

not only are all the entries beautiful but everyone's blogs -- all new to me, i've wandered in from cat blogging -- are too. i can't wait to send them to a dear friend who can spot fab recipes [isn't that the first step?] from miles away!



Virginie--that you, I enjoyed your blog too.


Argh! The slow loading computer. I've had that too. I'm terrbly impatient, so that was hard on me.


Next time! You've been pretty busy--doing marvelous things.


Oh, we aren't outdoing you! Never! Thank you for letting me host!


Thank you!


And thank you too.


I would have been far too surprised if I hadn't been bedeviled by problems. :):) And thank you.


Thank you--I was glad to do it.


Oh, Upsie hates kisses. In fact, I pretend like I'm going to kiss her and she pushes me away with her paws. I've only had one cat that ever liked kisses. Upsie says that humans have germy mouths--they may have been kissing dogs. :):)

Ah, I envy you the ginger root harvesting. I'm going to get myself a plant too.

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