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October 06, 2006



I've had a bunch of students with the same virus. Being sick is just awful, and I hope your taste buds will come home soon. The soups look great. I love to make soup and so far haven't made any yet this fall.


Duh, forgot to say, of course the potatoes and sausage look great too. Penzeys rocks.


Yum. These look yummy. And I hope you kick Clyde to the curb soon!


Your soups look delicious and I hope they helped toss ol' Clyde out on his patooty.

Although I normally love sharing most anything with my spouse, I draw the line at sharing germs.....dunno...not fun I guess. Unfortunately, they are at their most vile and far reaching (the germs, not the spouse) before anyone even knows they are there, so giving them a wide arc once they are sick is many times too late. Well, we did vow in sickness and in health right?


Potatoes and sausage!! NICE!!!


Wow if you can't taste those potatoes you must be about gone! I love the sound and pics of them so ,while I didn't grow reds this year ,I could use whites.

Hope you feel better..all that great soup should help.


It all looks sooooooooooo good!


You're cooking some pretty amazing things for a woman suffering from a virus. I hope Clyde leaves the building and your tastebuds come home. Feel better!



Ah, yes. Soup is helping me. But, my taste buds are still dead!


Thanks--give Ella a kiss for me.


I thought my husband and I had an agreement not to bring home viruses!!! Well, he breached the agreement.


Thanks. Sausage is pretty easy--and reliable.


Thank you! It is something when you can't taste Creole mustard and cayenne!


Thank you!!!!


I'm cooking on autopilot. It's odd. I sort of dump stuff in a pot and walk away. Then little elves come into the kitchen and cook it. It's tat or I'm having blackouts!


I hope Clyde leaves you soon so you can enjoy all of these tasty dishes.

Check back Monday for WHB roundup - hopefully by then Clyde will just be a bad memory.


So sorry you've been feeling bad - it's that time of year here, too. I've been lucky. (Knock on wood.) I saw that wonderful picture of the potatoes and sausage, and thought, "That's a perfect way to use the other half of a kielbasa I have in the freezer." Yeah, I know it's not andouille, but I don't care for "cajun" flavor. I'll let you know how it turns out!


Man, the potato dish and the soups look so very tasty! I adore split pea soups. Hope you lose that nasty virus ASAP.


Hi Sher, sorry to hear you're not well. It's only a matter of time, i'm sure til i get the annoying cold/flu. Glad to hear though, that you haven't lost your sense of humour! lol.

There's nothing more comforting than a hot bowl of soup when you're feeling all bunged up.


Hi Sher,
when you left a message on my blog, I was busy looking at your potatoes (and possibly drooling) and thinking what a great breakfast treat with fried eggs on top or on the side. That's funny!


I made this today and loved it! Thank you!

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