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October 14, 2006



poor Upsie.....does he wanna come to MN and play with Bustopher and Harmon? We just have funny squirrels in our yard, not our house.

Are you fostering more lil' ones?


Aaawww, Upsie has such a resigned look on her face. Adorable. I think the Mexican Sage goes very well with her fur.


upsies you are such a lady, little miss manners! all the time so prim and proper with your flowers ....and tequila heehee! that 2nd pic is priceless omg

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

My poor you! Seems like, yes, a nice vacation would be good! Love the Mexican sage! Had never seen it before!


Upsie, if your mum and dad lets you, you can always come visit me in the Channel Islands!

... and bring some Mexican sage with you, please?


Does Upsie know how cute she looks in the flowers? Because if I didn't know better I'd swear she was posing.

And isn't it time for a squirrel update?

Sarah J

Hi Upsie! You can come visit me and Tiggy anytime you want!!!

Bonnie in Virginia

Thank you for all you do for the baby squirrels. Those flowers are lovely and really offset Upsie's beautiful fur.


Four more squirrels! I bet you're tired! It was tiring raising baby birds, so I'm betting squirrel-ettes are running you ragged! So glad you're helping them out. Be sure and check out my sister's blog for an update and more awesome animal photos.

Your garden still looks like summer compared to the sodden mess of the Pacific Northwest. I just now dumped my sad tomato vines and am mourning the end of the warm weather. Speaking of which, anything interesting I can do with a bunch of green tomatoes apart from frying them up?


Upsie's so sweet! I'm sure that Maruschka and Fridolin would be pleased to meet her...

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