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October 13, 2006



Oh my - there are no words!!!!

It's 7:30 in the morning and I want it now!!

I love ginger too, and one of my favorite books is A Spoonful of Ginger. It's awesome.

Thanks for sharing and hosting- I can't wait to see the WHB roundup.


I agree with Ruth, I want one right now. I like everything about this. BTW, I learned something, I didn't know about spring ginger. I've never seen it here.

Looking forward to seeing all the other entries on Monday. Glad to hear the tastebuds are returning to their normal fine level of functioning.


You have no idea how timely this wonderful sounding chutney is Sher. I think I've come down with "Clyde", or at least some variation thereof. Now I'm wishing I were in my kitchen beginning to make the recipe instead of in the impossibly beautiful, spectacularly fall-colored Berkshire hills of north-western Mass. Bummer, huh? I guess I shouldn't complain too much or I may be flogged.
Your recipe is fabulous. I can't wait to try it for myself. And congrats on being the WHB host this week. You'll be great!


That sandwich looks absolutely fabulous - even without the ham! Maybe I could try out some of that fake ham..... hmmm. Lovely photos as usual!


Looks delicious and it's almost lunch time here--wish I had one right now!


I am blown away by this chutney, thank you for presenting it. I bet it will taste so good on lots of things. I am only sorry i never had a chance to go to Mustards when I lived in the Bay area, I always heard it was fabulous.


oh I just love every single ingredient in this recipe! Rye (bread), cumin, jalapenos, apricot (chutney)... is there something called more than perfect? Your tastebuds are back, but mine are gone...to paradise!


so simple...yet worth dying for from the look of it!
p.s: You have a wonderful blog going here!

Melody Elliott-Koontz

Okay...I am drooling all over my keyboard just looking at this sandwich, and I just ate dinner. What an absolutely fab blog! I will certainly link you up at mine (not a blog, but a food discussion forum).

Great Job!! (my family always asks the same question..."what did you eat?")



Thank you--and I must get that cookbook!


We don't get Spring Ginger here either--unless it's appeared and I didn't notice. (That often happens to me!)


Oh No! I hope you don't have Clyde! He is a very nasty guy. And I can understand how, even though you're in a heavenly place, you must be getting homesick for your wonderful garden.


I think it would taste quite nice without the ham. It could be a very good grilled cheese sandwich.


Thank you!


Ah, I wish you had gotten a chance to go to Mustards Grill too. They have a wonderful red cabbage (similar to saurkraut) that I think you would love.


Aww, you're so sweet! Yes, this recipe has so many flavors going on, it's lovely!


Thank you--your blog is also quite wonderful.


I have the same problem, drooling on my keyboard when I read other blogs. :) Just checked your food forum--great idea!


Golly, I've been missing things on your blog! This sandwich is out of control! Thanks for the idea. I'd love to get something together for WHB this week -- we'll see.

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