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October 20, 2006



Both my Martha and Country Living magazines have butternut squash soup recipes in them this month, so I'll have you know you are uber trendy with this recipe. Yummy!


mmmmm! butternut, it's been too long. looks delish i think i must copycat!!


I don't like pumpkin (from previous bad experience) so I'm lukewarm to any squash thing, but after seeing your soup (bravo Sher!) I'm 50-50 now. I really love leek though.


Oh, that's beautiful. I have a standard squash soup recipe that I use that is just squash and apples and onions pretty much, but it's often not filling enough as a meal. The addition of beans and greens and other veggies is a great idea.

kross-eyed kitty

That looks SO good! I love making soups at this time of year. I will keep this one in mind!


Absolutely stunning ...


Yum, Sher! This looks so good and your photos are truly beautiful. I've got a recipe for a smooth butternut squash-maple syrup soup rattling around in my head. A take on one I had while back east. I'm nursing a cold (undoubtedly caught on the train) but will make it as soon as I can.


I tried this last night, and it received rave reviews! I used onions rather than leeks and skipped the celery, but it was still great. I also used a variety of squash I found at the farmer's market but had never tried before -- a Buttercup. Yuumy! Thanks!


Wow -- this looks like a soup I made from a recipe in Food and Wine last week! I think it's the very same recipe! Weird. Personally, I didn't care for the soup after I made it. Now I did substitute garbanzo beans for the pintos, which wasn't a great idea, but just in general I wasn't thrilled. It just didn't have much flavor. Or the flavor it had I didn't like. And I got up extra early before work to make it, too. So loaded with great stuff, but to me -- a disappointment. It didn't look anywhere near as beautiful as yours. An off day for me I guess.

dg puckett

I insist that corn and squash be served for Thanksgiving. They are right up there with the Turkey in traditional foods in my mind.

Late Circumstances found me having all the Family and extensions with no time at home to prepare. It looked bleek at first as there are no "good" caterers available, restaurants are out and so here we go... note the WE.

"Squash and Corn New England Chowder"

This soup above is the now cooking basis for a new corn soup tradition. I will prepare it as suggested above sans the beans and greens. I intend to strain it to a bisque and add add different cooked colonel corn for 10-15 minutes with a touch of Maple Syrup. Let it Cool, refrigrate go to bed, then stir in cream on Thanksgiving Morning. As guests arrive next to the bar will be standing a large punch bowl and cups with condiments of , steamed shrimp, fried venison bacon bits, steamed scallops, grilled oysters and chunks of venison sasuage.

This is the start of a cup of soup tradition as people will inevitabely walk all over MY HOUSE instead of moving from civilized sitting in one and then to the dining table(s).

Truth is, I need the time! And this soup sounds great alone, with the "condiments" we have a meal.

OH YES, the bakeries and I did do some serious business so all will end sweet--I hope.

Aw The Times They Are A Changin"
that is the name of:
Bob Dylan's and Twyla Tharp's new play on
Broadway--mixed reviews--



I can't wait to try this out! I had this kind of soup in a restaurant for the first time ever, loved it!


That looks soooo good! I am putting that on the menu for next week! :oD


i have always liked adnidg apples to my soups, it adds such a natural sweetness to it, not to mention the extra nutrients! your soup is beautiful, reminds me of a bright but cold october sunday, perfect to tuck into with a lap blanket and good book in hand.

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