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September 15, 2006



Ho La! Those little gems are now on my to-make list. Muchas gracias.


Those look wonderful! And the tip on the potato is absolutely priceless.

Julie O'Hara

These look so lovely! I've had them in a good Mexican restaurant, but never thought about making them. They are a perfect appetizer or small plate.


Wow wow wow! I love these! Yup, boats on one hand and Corona on the other! I love deep-fried potato, definitely will give it a try!


they look GLORIOUS!


Hi Sher. I'm with everyone else saying these look fantastic! And you did great step-by-step instructions. Along with your photos, your directions are good enough for a cookbook!


yummy! yummy! yummy! Now, did I read that right that you don't flip it over? How could you with the ridge, right?


Well of course I'd love this since they have cilantro. Never heard of this before though. I wanted to go to one of Rick Bayless' restauants in the worst way when Rand lived in Chicago, but we never made it there.

BTW, you don't need to edit it, but the anniversary for WHB is actually two weekends from now. People can start sending their posts on September 25 and the recap and announcement of the favorite herb results will be either October 1 or 2, depending on how many entries there are. I think we both know what the other will be choosing as their favorite herb.

Jann Mumford

We love cilantro........this looks wonderful! Enjoyed your post today. Happy cookinh


Ah hates cilantro, but these look yummy! Other than the cilantro.


those look awesome! i have all the stuff to make these but no potato ricer. uh-oh! i wonder if there is a lowtech way... Then again it is an excuse to go to surla table muahhahah



They would be perfect for those nice parties you're having. I can just see it in my mind.......


Yes, the potato trick is such a good thing. It works everytime! Thank you Nigella. I think it works best with russets.


Yes, they are wonderful. These had such a nice crispy texture. Yum.


Yes, I sure enjoyed them with my Corona!! Made for each other.


Thanks! They were!


Thank you! It was fun making them. Even more fun eating them, of course.


No, you don't flip them over once you cook them. It's really easy--especially if you use the right amount of water in the dough!


Yes, I would love to go to Ric's restaurant too! And yes, I think we both know what our favorite herb will be. I want to find a really special recipe for it. And it's good to know the correct date for the big celebration!!!


Thank you, fellow cilantro lover!


That's OK--you don't have to use cilantro on yours!! Totally cool!


Hey, you know you're dying to go to Sur La Table. I love them!!!! I have so many great things from there. By the way, you can also make sopes with masa harina--no potato. I should make those too.


At some point I really need to buy a ricer


I love cilantro and i so love the look of these sopas masa which i've never heard of until now. The look wonderful and that you can put any filling as you please is extra bonus.


Man these look great. A whole bunch of my favorite things -- including the Corona. :)


That first picture is a particularly delicious looking picture. I've never made sopes but these look so delicious and sound so easy, I know that I need to.


Count me in for anything with cilantro. These look fabulously tasty! And with a nice cold Corona on the side? Ahhh, perfect!


Fantastic! thanks for the inspiration -- and information. Rene

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