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September 08, 2006



Something as simple as succotash is so good and the basil is inspired. Really interested in the broth! Sounds excellent.


This has been on my "make now" list two years in a row now! And I LOVE the idea of the corn stock, great idea, great GREAT idea! You get the "Waste Not Want Not" award today!


This sounds just fabulous. Corn stock is something I've always thought would be enormously flavorful but I haven't ever made it either.


Looks like a great base for many dishes.


Very fresh corn is another food that I die for. Next time I won't throw away the cobs, will make this yummy corn stock (white pepper is good idea!). Thanks Sher!


oh forgot to add... stick with your sink ;P your picture is great!


This looks great -- fresh and light. But what really caught my eye is the corn stock. What a great idea! I've never thought of using corn cobs for stock but the broth you made looks so rich and tempting that I realize I should be.


Wow! I am so impressed with both. The succotash looks fantastic and I'd never thought of making stock with the cobs either but I can imagine how wonderful it smells and tastes. Great work!


Oh, Sher, I've been so remiss in checking in with you here! I'm still alive, just incredibly busy with the new job, and too busy outside of work with wedding plans. No excuse, I know. Your recent recipes look fantastic and once I go grocery shopping this weekend, I'm gonna make something from here, darn it!


I just keep on learning new things from you Sher. Corn stock - what a great idea! It's now on my ever-growing list of things to make that you've posted. Thanks!



Thank you. Succotash is very easy--but so good. I guess that's why it's been popular for hundreds of years.


It's a very nice dish. And the stock is a great thing to add to soup. Hope you make some!


Corn stock is so easy, as you can see. And I read that you can even freeze the corn cobs if you don't have time and make the stock with them later.


Yes, it is. It adds that extra depth of flavor to a dish.


Yes--don't throw away the cobs!! And thank you about the pictures! :):)


I'm so glad everyone liked the corn stock. I almost didn't include it in the post!


Thank you! Now you can stockpile corn cobs and make a huge kettle of corn stock! No?


Oh, you're much too busy to be cooking big meals. Tell us about the wedding when you get a chance!! Now that Ella has arrived, I've starting thinking about your wedding all the time! Is Colin going to be ring bearer?


You could use it to make a great chowder for Beach Night!!!

mindy toomay

Oh, yes. Frozen corn is to fresh corn what canned music is to live. Meaning enjoyable enough, but not really exciting!



i made a pasta dish like this not too long ago, with the addition of sausage (a huge no-no for the 2wk vegan!)
it was delicious, but so insanely ugly that i didn't even bother blogging it!!
yours is much prettier :-)

Char Buckley

Sher, I have a couple coming over for dinner on Saturday, and would like to serve the succotash. How many does your recipe serve? I LOVE lima beans, and of course corn and green beans are also a favorite, so this sounds geat. Love your blog, I am always starving after reading and seeing the pictures!!!!



I hate to see the end of fresh corn! Love it so.


Well, I'm vegan no more, so the sausage sounds great!


Hi buddy! I think I would double the recipe for more than three people. Actually, it's so tasty, it might only serve two! Have a great party!

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