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September 23, 2006


Scott at RealEpicurean

Now THAT is a hairy cat.

Where does the connection between cat's and cooking come in? Not a sarcastic question.

Perhaps it is that both bring comfort and warmth (I love cats).

Bonnie in Virginia

Upsie, you can give your brushed out fur to the hairless cats and give your new toy to the poor cats in your area. Upsie, you look so beautiful as always. Great job, Sher.


Hi Scott,

Well, I'm trying to teach Upsie to cook.. Actually Weekend Cat Blogging is an event that some food bloggers take part in each weekend. It's fun! :)


Thank you. She sure did need a good comb out, didn't she?

kross-eyed kitty

LOL! At first glance, I thought that you got a new kittien! I always love the expression on Upsie's face...hilarious! It's like you know exactly what she is thinking!


Oh my, that is a ton of fur! Oreo sheds a lot too, but I'm not sure if she beats that. :)


Oy, Upsie's "hairball" is amazing. And I thought my Georgie's were big -- absolutely nothing compared to this. She looks so pretty and proud of herself after.


Wow... and I thought I had a hair problem with my two long-haired cats... but Upsie, I must say, you are beautiful.


puuuurrrrr... (purring on behalf of Upsie)


hi upsie daisy, you just crack me up. you look so pretty these days! all that fur i can't believe it, eeeek


The first picture of Upsie is absolutely great; her face expression is so damn sweet!!! I could just give her thousands of kisses ;-)...

She sure does look very pretty with her combed hair! I was amazed to see how much fur comes away when you comb her. That's extreme! You must have a lot of work with such a cat. It's not a comb you need, but a pair of sheep clippers...

Upsie's new toy seems to be adopted.


Wow!! That is a lot of fur. And Upsie is just so darn cute too.


kross-eyed kitty,

Yes, Upsie's thought often come through loud and clear! She doesn't keep her emotions hidden. :)

Ari, Lisa, Aria, D and Linda,

The more you comb her, the more hair comes out. The pile would have been bigger (if you can imagine that) if I had kept combing. I get to a point where I get tired and stop. Of course, all that hair keeps her very warm. And her coat will get heavier for winter! Yikes!


Upsie says "puurrr" right back at you!


LOL! Yes--the toy is adopted, perfect! And she is very happy to be getting extra attention. It's all about her.


Upsie, you are so adorable.


upsie, you are such a beautiful girl...your mommy's mighty lucky to have you.

oops, silly me! what was i thinking -- i mean to be had by you.

tickles for your tummy.


Love it! DucCat and I always say that we could create another cat or two with the fur that comes off our guys.

BTW...ever heard of a site called Stuff On My Cat?



Upsie, girl, you make silver hair look good! Who ever said going grey was a sign that you didn't care anymore obviously didn't see how lovely shadowy tones can look.

I think this toy is a mini-sized weiner dog? I think you enjoy the idea of being bigger than a dog... Come on, Upsie, admit it *G*

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