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September 16, 2006


Bonnie in Virginia

Cat Syth at http://www.ptank.com/catsynth/index.php has offered to host Weekend Cat Blogging #67 this weekend.
Hope to see your link for Upsie, one of my favorite kitties, there.


Those little squirrels are so DARN cute!! But I can see why Upsie is upsie-set. Imagine the indignity! The horror! The shame!

Isn't it funny what they will do to get your undivided attention!?!?


Oh! Baby squirrels! I want to cuddle them so bad! No wonder Upsie is jealous... I am too!


Right on Upsie! Put leaves all over the house! You shouldn't be ignored, even if the baby squirrels are tiny and cute,...you're big and furry and fabulous. Go, Upsie!


Cute pics and recap. lol..upsie-set.


Upsie Daisy, you are in big trouble! stop feeling sorry for yourself, put away those old joy division records and...suck it up cupcake!


I think if Upsie were to buy some of the Gap black skinny pants, she could dance, dance, dance, and get everyone's attention off of those dang squirrels!


You know, Upsie, I'm sure that your Mom has not forgotten you. Her cooing phase will fade away and you will once again be her little sweetheart! Those baby squirrels are damn cute, but you are your Mom's one and only love, so be patient!!!

And if your Mom's too occupied to cuddle you, then I will gladly take care of you because I love your ways and looks so much...





I keep telling Upsie that they will be gone in about 2 months--but she says that's a lifetime.


You would love cuddling Atticus, but Scout and Boo are becoming a handful. It's not easy to even pick them up to weigh them.


Upsie says she likes your attitude and wants to hang out and eat grilled intestines!


Thanks! How are the yellow tomatoes doing?


Upsie is singing, "It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To".


The thought of Upsie in skinny black pants: Fabulous!!!!!


Upsie saw your comment and she is packing her bags to visit you. She saw the view from your kitchen window and says she's a Swiss Miss at heart!

Tina T-P

Upsie - you are a very good kitty - Mr. Neelix & Sinda would have made squirrel burgers out of those interlopers right away!! LOL T.


LOL, those are the funniest pictures of a cat I've seen in a long time. What a big tub of fur!


P.S. What's up with the cold weather, anyway? 4 days ago it's 100 degrees and today it's already dipping into the 50s at night? I'm not ready for summer to be over! Just the super hot temps. :-)


I really want to rub Upsie belly, what a cutie pie! Boo Radly looks so big now.


Big, fluffy grey kitty belly X cute, rapidly growing squirrel babies= overwhelming cuteness!

Bonnie in Virginia

Once again, Upsie is so cute. I love seeing her in the garden with her long fur and pretty face.
Thank you for rescuing the baby squirrels. Looks like they are growing and are healthy.
That "Upsie-set" from Kate is a neat play-on-words.


Ah, here I tune in to see what you ate, and instead find Wild Kingdom. ;-)


Awwww..... Between Upsie and the baby squirrels there's a whole lot of adorableness going on at your house.


Upsie is one photogenic cat and she conveys so much of the emotion she's feeling, no? I do love those squirrels. I had one in another life who lived under my refrigerator (don't ask). His name was Morley. I let him go at the UC Arboreatum once he recovered from his trauma of being mauled by a large cat. So, Upsie, you really must just give it up. Mom's not going to let you see those babies!

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