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September 18, 2006



Great photos. I love the sound of this.


Didja get a tummy ache from all that spice and meat???

They sound wonderful! I will be curious to hear what you have been consuming since being vegan-free.


Oh my, those look amazingly good. And I'm glad you were up front about your lapses -- one always feels lighter after a confession, doesn't one? Seriously, I keep telling myself I want to try marinating or pickling something. Maybe this is the thing. Although I must say I've never seen fresh cherry peppers around here.


Great idea!! What sorta tuna did you use?


This looks so unusual and interesting to me. I'll bet this is the kind of thing that would fly off an hors d'oeuvre tray.

Great picture of the cherry bomb peppers. They really are very pretty.


I've never heard of such a dish. How intriguing! Sounds totally yumtastic.


Fantastic looking peppers! I can't take what, from your description, seems to be too much heat, but I love the sound of this recipe and would try it with a pepper with a bit less zing!
So, now that you're not eating vegan, what are you eating? And how did the 2 weeks feel to your body? I have a son and daughter-in-law who are both vegan and I'm really curious.


Wow! Those look great! I wonder if they could be made with jalapenos?

My mom used to can these banana peppers with shredded cabbage and onions in them - I have to wonder if the technique is the same.


what a nice coincidience... I just made stuffed peppers (baked). But I don't know the kind of mine, no fume and not spicy. I think I saw cherry bomb peppers at a farmer market that I'd pass every weekend, I may buy some and try out your recipe. Btw, do they taste hot/spicy?


Look fabulous! So have you been Pigging out on meat? Ha! Bad joke...


oh yes, those look so good! i've never had cherry bomb peppers, what a great name too! i don't blame you sneaking some tuna, it's simply not fair to expect you to abstain, no no no...!



Thank you!


Yes, the peppers were a bit too hot. I'll use sweet peppers the next time. But, these were so nice and tangy from the vinegar. Yes, I'll write about the vegan weeks! :)


Oh yes, I had my lapses! It was bound to happen. Changing a diet totally is very hard. There are sweet round peppers on the market. They come in big jars and I think you can get them from Trader Joe's and maybe other stores. I have been to parties where people stuff them with cheese. They aren't hot at all.


I used Italian tuna packed in olive oil--Tono brand.


Yes, these are very popular at parties--but the sweet round peppers are the ones I always see. I like them, I must say, as well as the hot variety.


They are quite yummy!


Ah yes, I've had those banana peppers--delicious. But, these wouldn't be safe to can in the regular manner, because of the tuna. Actually, I think jalapenos would have been a little better, because they aren't as hot.


I've been eating fish a lot. I REALLY missed it. The day after the vegan diet ended, I had a red snapper curry from a Thai restaurant and it was heaven. And the next day I had a burrito with lots of beans and cheese in it. Cheese!


Your peppers are fabulous! I would love a pepper stuffed with Mac & Cheese right now!


No--eating a bit of fish though!!!


No it wasn't easy, I must say! But, doing this made me really appreciate food in a different way. Now I'm not so likely to just gulp something down. But, who knows how long that will last? :)


mmmmmm... there's a jamie oliver recipe for these that i've made a few times, and they're simply delicious. What a great way to end a vegan week!


I would not have been able to withstand the siren call of tuna-stuffed peppers, either. But you're brave for jumping right back on the weekend!

Looking forward to more deets about your foray into the vegan lifestyle!


Mmmmm! Those look delicious, but the bread's got me DROOLING!!


Oh! My! Please could you fed ex any leftovers? If there's any?


H Sher,
Just wanted to let you know I'm including this as one of my South Beach friendly recipes of the Week on my blog today. It includes your photo (with a photo credit for you, of course, and a link to your recipe. Looks fantastic!

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