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September 04, 2006



Wow! That looks fabulous. I think it would be the favorite dish at any party.

Your garden certainly has provided a lot of fine meals this summer. I've enjoyed reading about them.


Delish! I love curry anything. Those look good enough to reach through the 'puter and gobble up. And I am eagerly awaiting all the info about the vegan experience.


You have outdone yourself with this one. I already saved the tomato chutney recipe, so now I better save this one too.

The photos are fantastic. Very curious to hear about your vegan experience too.


2 week vegan...man that'd be rough


Yikes, Sher, this is wonderful! I also love curry, and the chutney vinaigrette is such a great idea. The chicken looks succulent; I'm sorry you couldn't have any. Do let us know about your experience, which I hope is short-lived, with veganism.

I also cooked something for the festa. I can't wait to see all the dishes; I bet there will be a ton!




All I can say is wow! You have absolutely outdone yourself with this vibrant, colourful and unbelievably beautiful dish!

Thank you so much for coming to the festa and for bringing this along!


how could you resist? those looks awesome. the garlic toasts too, yeaha! i really need to buy that book, i love reading your posts from it so much though, i think i'll hold off for a while :)

Boston Chef

Looks great! We just attempted curry chicken as well, coincidentally... http://bostonchef.blogspot.com/2006/09/chicken-curry.html

Love the flavor of grilled eggplant!!! Bet that was delicious...


I'm sure the chicken is delicious as it looks but what captured my heart most is the eggplant relish and tomato chutney vinaigrette on that roasted garlic bread...

It's been a while since i had aubergine. Sigh.


I can't get over how delicious the tomato chutney looks and sounds and big kudos to you for going vegan. You rock!


Gorgeous!! Your tomato chutney is up next on my list of things to make and now I've just got to try this eggplant! You rock!!


PS - I'm with Kalyn, waiting to hear about your vegan adventure.



Thank you! I've enjoyed it too. I hope I have a nice Winter garden too.


Thank you! I really loved that eggplant relish and tomato vinaigrette. So far the vegan thing is going pretty good. But, I wouldn't be surprised if there are bumps in the road!

Kalyn & Jeff,

There have been a few strange moments in this vegan thing. It's not quite what I expected!

Kalyn, you harvested so many beautiful tomatoes, you could make great tomato chutney.


Thanks. Something tells me that I won't be able to stay away from my favorites, especially seafood, when the 2 week period is up!


Thank you--it was a wonderful party! So glad you and Lis thought of this.


Yes, the toast was great. I grilled the bread on the outdoor grill. Very nice!

Boston Chef,

I saw your curry chicken, it looks delicious!!


My husband loved the relish more than the chicken, so that was very nice! He ate all the eggplant relish. I had hoped to have some leftover for another day.


They are already taking bets on how long I'll stay a vegan!


Thanks--I do love that chutney. Well, soon everyone will know about me, the new vegan! It's been interesting!


I think it's close to dinner time but wow my mouth is really watering at those pictures. I'm a big fan of eggplant! Looks divine. Eggplants from your garden - you are a lucky girl.


Wow ! That relish looks fabulous. Next time you're in NY, check out Tamarind, it is an amazing Indian restaurant. Next door, they have a more casual lunch offshoot called the Tea Room and they have fabulous Indian wraps with eggplant and cucumber raita....I am definitely going to try this recipe, it looks so good !

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