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September 30, 2006



oh Sher! somehow I feel that you're going to choose cilantro! I did struggle bewtween green onion and cilantro when I decided on my farvorite.
sorry to hear that you're sick, still the sinus problem? or allergy something? An Enuropean lady told me eating raddish (a lot!) able to relieve the sinus (mine is bad during the spring time), but I haven't tried.
My mother used to make your soup (no fish no rice, more cilantro), very delicious indeed!


What an excellent choice. The soup sounds fantastic, full of wonderful flavor and so healthy. I share your pain about not being able to grow cilantro, but it's never been a successful crop for me either.

I am a bit intrigued by the idea of using the cilantro stems in cooking, something I haven't experimented with too much.

Sorry to hear you are still not feeling great. If you lived a little closer I would offer to bring you dinner, something with cilantro, of course!


mmmmm, that looks awesome! i love brothy fishy asian dishes. some day soon i want to try making broth with bonito flakes like on iron chef!


Yay! Another cilantro lover. And the soup sounds delicious and different. [I love salmon.]



I totally love cilantro. I can;t live without it either!


That soup looked so great, but you lost me on the "substantial amount of cilantro." It's an herb that one either loves or hates, eh? I'm in the latter category (seriously unfortunate, since cilantro is so ubiquitous in some kinds of food that I love- say, Thai.) I think I may have, in a previous life, died in a field of the stuff. I hate it so thouroughly I have to rush past it in the supermarkets back home! But if there was none of it in that bowl of soup, I'd be all over it. When I pretend it's, say, parsley in that picture, it makes me hungry! So delicious looking!~

kross-eyed kitty

That looks incredibly delicious!
Hope you're feeling better soon.


This is a wonderful recipe. It looks utterly fresh, comforting and most of all, delicious. I too love the fact that there's plenty of coriander leaves on it.

You have the best ideas as always.

Delicious. Delicious.


this soup looks great! do you think lime juice added at the end would be nice too, or do you think it would ruin the flavours?


it look fantastic!
Thanks for the recipe


i hope you're feeling better by now, and that beautiful soup surely helped.

and i bet upsie helped...herself to a nibble of salmon.

Ari (Baking and Books)

I've never had salmon soup... this looks tasty though, and it sounds like a very light dish.

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