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September 27, 2006



the recipe sounds interesting to me, I mean, even just with spice and yoghurt it won't go any wrong. Well, I know I'm avoiding the subject ... hehee... I don't eat peas and beans (I saw your previous post, I'd make myself to lick everything clean but hide the beans under a plate). Btw, is Coffemate made from veg fat? If so might replace it with soymilk (in coffee)?
Oh Sher, one more thing, I made your walnut sauce... ma ma mia!!! Delicious!!! But I haven't done my WHB post, maybe put my sauce's photo up early next week then. Thank you again for sharing this lovely recipe!

Scott at RealEpicurean

It sounds slightly like a Morroccan Lamb Tagine. I know the ingredients are all different, but I imagine it as tasting similar regardless.

Looks delicious.


What kind of cinnamon are you using?
Saigon cinnamon is sweeter.
Ceylon Cinnamon though is the one with bite, but hard to find in the supermarket.



Glad to say, I'm back to using cow's milk in my coffee. There are some things I'm not going to mess with! And I'm glad you liked that walnut sauce. It's one of my favorites. I like it spread on hearty peasant bread--delicious!


It's the type of dish and flavors that I love--but just too potent. Frankly, this is what happens when your spice or herb is too good! Really good vanilla can be that way too.


From what I've read this type of cinnamon, Penzey's Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon, is the best grade and is sweeter and more potent than other types or grades of cinnamon. Penzeys spices are so fresh, they sometimes are more potent than other spices. Their cayenne pepper is much better and hotter than the stuff sold in the supermarket. I can use a teaspoon of supermarket cayenne in jambalaya--but if I use that much of Penzey's, people can't eat it because it's too hot! Their spices and herbs are wonderful. I actually might get one of their less potent grades of cinnamon to use for this kind of dish. :)


Never would I have ANY desire to be a vegan...kudos to you :)


looks and sounds delish anyway! now i'm craving butternut squash. it's been a while. don't you love the amazing disapearing act soy milk does once its mixed with coffee???!?!grrrr soymilk in coffee BAD


I've had the same problem with Saigon cinnamon, it ended up overpowering the dish! But, now I know what I can make for me vegan friend who will come for a visit in November.


This looks really good. I love cinnamon, but I've only ever used it in baking.


oh sure... brag about a cinnamon I can't even get here. All I get is "supermarket brand" and I'll bet our stuff is even older than the regular supermarket stuff since we live in the middle-of-nowhere-place-that-has-store-clerks-that


I love the title of this post! And the beautiful photos.


I have a can of chickpeas lying around in the kitchen cabinet. I am going to try this as soon as I go home tonight. It sounds delicious. (I will need to stop bby and get some squash and apricots though).

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