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August 07, 2006





I like the idea of an event for Julia's birthday. I'll try to do something, although I only have one of her books and hardly ever use it.

The mushrooms look wonderful!! I love every type of mushroom.


Did you ever read "Julia and Julie" by Julie Powell? If you're a Julia Child fan, you should check it out, and it's hysterical too!

kross-eyed kitty

I LOVE mushrooms...this looks very tasty! And, this summer I read Julie and Julia which I really enjoyed. I will check out Lisa's site.
Now, I am off to find your Onion Jam! I bought a bunch of onions at the Farmer's Market and remembered that I had seen your recipe last week. I am inspired. I'll let you know how it turns out!


The pasta looks yummy!

The Julia event sounds fun!

I only have her Menu Cookbook but I might be able to do something if I can find the time.

My garden has me so covered up in canning not sure I will have time.



Thank you!


I bet there are recipes of Julia's that fit the South Beach Diet!


I wasn't lucky enough to read it from it's start. I would like to do that someday. She had quite an adventure.

kross-eyed kitty,

I really need to do a recipe index! At the top of my list of things to do. Here it is: http://whatdidyoueat.typepad.com/what_did_you_eat/2005/11/onion_jam.html It's great!! I need to make some myself.


Julia had quite a few different types of salads--so a salad or some type of veggies would be nice. I recently made a simple salad of hers that was just chopped tomatoes, olives, and string cheese with viniagrette. It was great!! Or her salade nicoise!

kross-eyed kitty

The Onion Jam turned out absolutely DELICIOUS. Thaks for the inspiration. I did add rosemary, and didn't have marsala so i poured in some wine instead. Turned out great!


This dish looks just wonderful!
I love the idea of cooking for Julia's birthday.
I'm back!!


I've been so lazy in the kitchen with all the canning, so it's nice to see people actually make nice dinners. I'll be right over.


That picture makes me want to reach for a fork. Yum!


what kind of pasta is that?
it looks kinda yellowish....
man, those mushrooms look delectable.... and all i've got for lunch is a stupid co-workers cookiepuss ice cream birthday cake ;-)


kross-eyed kitty,

So glad it all turned out great. I need to make more myself. It's a wonderful thing to have stashed away to add to things--or just to put on a sandwich.


Glad you're back! I bet you had a fabulous time in Ashland.


"Lazy" is the last thing I'd use to describe you in the kitchen. You can, garden, make great meals, etc. Whew!


Thanks. I wish I had some right now!!


The pasta was the egg noodles that De Cecco makes and sells in a large flat box. They were very good. They did come out looking very yellow, didn't they? Sorry about the cake. Not a good one? I hate bad cake!


Really beautiful and I love that it's so simple, fresh, and uncomplicated to prepare. Some nights you really need that, you know?


mmm, that looks delish. chris will not eat mushrooms, can ya believe that? i have to sneak around behind his back :0 - i love how the markets have wild mushrooms these days too. now if i could just get my grubby little fingers on a truffle one of these days.....

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