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August 04, 2006



Wow Sher, you've really outdone yourself here... are there leftovers?


you see, to me, that looks much more appealing than the famous zuni chicken bread salad! good job!


Wow! That really does look and sound incredible. That's a double Yum and a snap at you, girlfriend!



Leftovers? What the heck are they? :) No, there certainly weren't any leftovers. Wish there were.


Thank you, that's high praise indeed!


Thank you. Snaps right back at you.


I have the Zuni cookbook and never even noticed that recipe. I need to go back and check it out because it looks fabulous.


oh yeah, that looks devine! the sauce alone...YUM. thanks sher for the aioli recipe too, i've never made it before and now i'm inspired. with the lemon you mentioned sounds yummy.


oooooh! my mom brought me back a precious little box of the highest quality saffron from Spain and i've been wondering what to do with it... this might just qualify (and it gives me leeway to run out and pick up a new cookbook ;-)
thanks sher!



I overlooked it myself at first. I think I was paying more attention to the well known recipes, like the roast chicken.


Oh, that broth!! Just heaven--and from very few ingredients.


This would be great for your saffron. And aren't you lucky to have that? I love saffron!


oh is another dish I can't resist! This book the recipe looks like very well-written, and I like your added comment which helps me a lot when I do this dish next time!


This looks just wonderful. I love the first photo with the saffron floating on the broth. Another one for the del.icio.us cookbook!



Thank you. It is a very interesting cookbook. I'm already looking at recipes to try from it!


Thanks. I too love looking at saffron in a dish. It;'s such a special herb/spice. Thanks for adding me to del.icio.us. Very nice.


Oh, oh, oh! What a tantalising piece of chicken! Drooling...

This is something i would do. Delicious and beautiful and no, the bones don't bother me at all - in fact, i prefer cooking chicken with bones as it gives a better tasting broth and sauces. The same goes with the skin - it provides a blanket to the meat to avoid it drying - the result, always juicy and very tasty!

Chef Anne Napolitano

This looks delicious! I am thinking of making this for a dinner party this Saturday. Did you serve anything on the side (do you think it needs a side)? I might go with boneless breasts.



This is a very good choice for a dinner party. You can make most of it up in advance, if you choose. I was planning a dinner party with it also. I was going to serve it with lots of the toasted bread and a really nice salad. I was leaning towards an asparagus salad served on the side. I've since read other people rave over this dish after they made it. But, some of them also said that the amount of the delicious broth might have been too skimpy, so they were going to double it. It's really good. I think you will like this.

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