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August 17, 2006



Sher thanks so much for an easy Risotto.

I will be trying it very soon.

Your pictures are great.


Yum! I'm living on tomatoes and you're having risotto, no fair!


Looks yummy. I must confess I've never made risotto, but I used to order it in restaurants a lot in my pre-South Beach days.


Sher, by the way, going back to work is NEVER good. It's always a difficult transition. I'm not quite old enough to retire, but it's starting to beckon to me. Although I do have to say, I still love the kids and the job always gets more interesting when they start showing up.


ha, i blogged about risotto too!
must be something in the air today!
man i love lemon risotto... the combo of tangy and creamy is so satisfying and comforting.


Lemon and rosemary, such summery lively flavours! Is it bad that I'm already thinking about forming the leftovers into little balls, and frying them? ;)


This is the second lemon risotto I read this morning..strange


That sounds pretty perfect. Is the vegetable stock crucial or would chicken stock work here?


LOVE lemon risotto! Thank you for reminding me!

kross-eyed kitty

Mnnnnn...that sounds VERY good! I am a huge fan of rosemary, although I might oftentimes be guilty of adding too much to a dish, because I like it so much.
Have a great weekend!

Bonnie in Virginia

Heather will be hosting WCB #62 at http://azurelynns.blogspot.com/ if you have a kitty photo to share. I look forward to seeing Upsie every weekend.

Barbara (Biscuit Girl)

How Funny, I just put up a post about risotto too. Great minds think alike!


All of you beat me to the punch! I started backwards on my blog roll and and was going to say : Hey, how funny that you and Barbara both made risotto! Okay, well, I guess it's not a funny punchline by the time I got around to making it. People have often said about me that I'm a little slow...

You and Roxie have a fabulous weekend! Aren't you going to Tahoe today? (muttering) Witches. I'm so jealous. have a great time!


Nigella can do no wrong in my book. This looks yummy. Hope you had fun with your cousin. PS: 3 more days. :)


Oh, that looks beautiful! It's a keeper. I also grow rosemary; it's so wonderful to have around.


Hey Sher,
Beautiful photo! I know my husband would love risotto so even though I couldn't eat much of it, cooking low carb and all, i'll make this for him as a special treat. Thanks for the recipe!



Thanks!1 I hope you like it as much as I do--I bet you will.


Well, your tomatoes just came in and I saw all those beautiful cans of tomatoes. I envy you. The arborio rice will always be around, but tomatoes are fleeting!


I was just thinking about you the other day and I thought how you must be a great teacher. You do such a good job at everything and you're very supportive--so it may be a difficult thing when you do retire. But, I bet you will be very busy after you do!


I know!! The stars have all aligned and they say, "Make risotto!" Yours looked great! (Biscuit Girl made it too!)


If only I had leftovers. The only bad thing about this recipe is that is makes a reasonable amount for 2 people. Next time I'll double it, to make rice fritters. YUM!


I know! It is quite interesting. It's three people who did it!

kross-eyed kitty,

Oh, I know all about using too much rosemary. I once ruined a big batch of grilled chicken by using too much!


Thanks for letting me know!

Barbara (Biscuit Girl),

Well, this is too funny! It's a shame we didn't hold a risotto blogging event! :):)


Yes, just got back from Tahoe and I'm really tired. Had a great time, but I haven't been getting enough sleep--just out sightseeing and eating!


Oh my God!! My countdown was off! Only 3 days! The anticipation of Beastie's birth is quite intense. Move over Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, there's a new kid due in town in 3 days. (I am amazed that time has gone by so quickly.)


It sure is wonderful. I love to come in the house with the smell on my clothes. Upsie loves it too.


You're a very generous wife! You'll make it and not eat it! He's so lucky, he'll get to eat the whole pot! :):)


What a lovely risotto! Like to see you not hold back that butter, love it!



Oh, I would never leave out the butter!!! :):)


Tony of Bachelor cooking

Thanks for the lovely post!! I am getting to learn a lot of new cuisines from blogging!


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