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August 11, 2006



Sher, That looks so good. I love the convenience of it too.

I need go check out Kalyn's before signing off.


I wish I could get better fish around here. This looks so good Sher.


This looks just wonderful. I love the combination of saffron, fennel, and tomatoes. Just brilliant. I don't think black cod is available here, but Costco has pretty good Atlantic cod.

The photos are great, especially the first one. Makes you want to lick the computer screen.


oh, that looks so good. luckily i picked up some saffron after that last chicken recipe you posted. i love stewy sauced up fish like this. ...we must have been in the same line when they handed out tastebuds :)


Ah, if only I could get my husband to eat such a thing. Your lovely pictures will have to suffice....


That's gorgeous! I'm inspired to go get saffron. Love almonds in anything, too.



Thank you! It was soo easy.


Ack, it's a big pain when you can't get good fish. I had that problem in the part of the Midwest where I once lived. But, I sure got great corn there.


Thank you. I should have mentioned in my post that black cod is not really cod! I didn't realize that, until the fish monger told me. It looks more like haddock or snapper. Strange the way they name things.


Yes, fish stew, gumbo, chowder--love it all!


Ahh, well maybe some day he will feel and overwhelming need to eat fish stew........


Thanks--I too love almonds. That was one of the reason I noticed this recipe!


This is a beautiful dish! I've never seen black cod up here. Can one substitute another meaty, white fish? I'm going to make this this weekend.



You could use haddock, if it's available. Black cod is actually not a cod. It has a bit more fat in it than cod and is sometimes called sablefish. You could use pollack, snapper, or tilapia. Or salmon would be good too. You want a meaty fish. I think I will try the broth with sea scallops sometime. Hope you like it!


oh sher,
it is amasing!!! I'm sure my husband will give me the same magic words when I make this dish!


I had to come back and look at it all over again. It's just so pretty.


I see what you mean. It looks divine! I wonder if i can find a black cod...?

I'm one of those who are not very keen on fennel :( but this looks so tasty!

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