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August 12, 2006



she's really funny.


Treasure of Sierra Madres!

Love the hat but the goggles are even more festive. Does Upsie not have any of those big clown glasses from the fair? Think I need to send a pair....


Your Upsie is so totally cool to let you dress him up like you do. I'm dying to meet him!
Wasn't the movie the Magnificent Seven?


omg upsie, i can-NOT believe my eyes, again! the goggles, the GOGGLES. you are the *absolute* cutest and have quite the fanbase here in LA. the way your eyebrow-whiskers shoot up over the rim of the hat is so funny. my coworker says you should eat an orange before you get scurvy!


Upsie does look very Ho! Ho! in the first pix with her eye action and those googles crack me up.


OH, no! Master and Commander is one of my favorite movies! He definitely looks like he could have a starring role. I don't know how you get those props on him...you devil. :) He looks like THE pirate.


I love Upsie! I'm always looking forwards to the weekend as I know that I'm going to have a good laugh (not nasty, though) when I see how you have groomed her...

The first picture is particularly awesome! Is she the new Jack Sparrow? I find that she immitates him very well.



Thanks--she's thinking of starting a stand up routine. :):)


You win bragging right--it's The Treasure Of Sierra Madre. No, she doesn't have big State Fair glasses--not sure she could keep them on her face.


No, but the Magnificent Seven was darn good!!! And Upsie thanks you for your support. :):):)


Thank you LA!! :) Upsie is glad people like her outrageous whiskers. People often wonder if she hates the glasses. She doesn't, but tell your friend that she really fears oranges, or any citrus fruit. She hates the oil in them I think, and will run out of the room if you start to peel one!


I don't think she liked the goggles as much as the Jack Nicholson shades. She may think she looks like a nerd in the goggles, and being cool is very important to her!


Thanks! I think Upsie likes the attention. She purrs the whole time I take the pictures and seems to be disappointed when it's all done!!!!!


Thank you, Upsie is so glad you like her Jack Sparrow impersonation. She was a little upset that her fur looked so messy..... She told me to comb her the next time, just before I take the pictures!


That poor cat. Upsie is going to smother you in your sleep some night.


Can Upsie come over to my house and teach my cats to wear hats and goggles? Because that would be totally cool.



She already jumps on top of me at night while I'm asleep, landing with both feet, on my chest. And she's heavy!


You know how cats are--they only do what they like. Upsie likes the attention, so she lets me have some fun. But, if it's something she doesn't like--forget about it!!!!


that poor cat!
don't you know only canines are supposed to wear doggles?

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