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August 05, 2006



HAHAHA, we are all still laughing over here! upsie, that kayak is like the perfect size for you! you are so incredibly cute, i can't take it. i love reading about your adventures upsie-dupsie daiseeeee :)


She looks so insulted! That's priceless. Imagine if she ever found herself actually out on the water in that thing! It's too horrible to contemplate; why did I mention it?



*wipes a tear*

My husband and I were in serious need of some humour... thanks for putting up with it, Upsie!

Bonnie in Virginia

Upsie, Every weekend I look forward to reading your notes and seeing your pictures. The ending photo says it all for me.


Aw, poor Upsie, always being "mistreated" LOL!!! The third picture of her is great as she has this typical non-cooperative/sad cat attitude and face expression.

Great pictures and awsome cat!


Aw, poor Upsie, always being "mistreated" LOL!!! The third picture of her is great as she has this typical non-cooperative/sad cat attitude and face expression.

Great pictures and awesome cat!



That kayak is just right for her, isn't it. Bob rented another kayak today and Upsie was better with it. She rubbed her face on it and sat in the seat without a frown on her face.


She was quite miffed to be treated in such a disrespectful way!! Oh, I think Upsie would have a meltdown if she ever saw a river or lake!


Upsie says that it's worth it if her public is entertained! :):) And she's so pleased you shed a tear for her.


I love your site. You do such good work and the pictures are incredible. Anyone who sees those pictures would want to adopt the kitties! Thank you!!!


Thanks! I also think she looks like a classic disgruntled cat--with the ears back and the whole put upon demeanor. :):)

Laurence Simon

Would you like me to feature any of these in the COTC Catmodels gallery? Let me know. Thanks, -ls


So funny, she looks exhasperated.. like, again? Sheesh? Why do I have to put up with this? :)


Poor Upsie! If you want to run away to the other end of the world, I don't mind taking you in. She looks cute in the kayak though!



My daughter walked in the room just as I loaded up the page for your blog...she did a double take and said "Mom! What are you reading?"

"A cooking blog...why?"

"Well I saw the title What Did You Eat? and a picture of a cat....Mom..that's really bad..."



Upsie (or you) cracks me up again! I don't have any cat in this house (as my dog hates cat) but used to have 4 cats in my old house... I just love to come see lovely Upsie everyweek!


LOL. That Upsie is a girl of many talents, I tell you.

As far as the kayaking goes, I think she was brave to give it a go!



Thanks for reminding me!!!


Yes, she suffers so much!! You have a very funny picture of your two kitties on your blog!


Well, Upsie knows how nice you treat cats, so she just might get on a plane and visit you, if she can figure out how to use my credit card!


LOL! That's funny. What Did You Eat? A cat? No, Upsie is safe here. :)


Upsie is glad you get a kick out of her antics. Well, I bet you will have a cat again someday!


Yes, she was brave. But, she demanded extra Kitty treats for doing that. It's her fee.

kross-eyed kitty

Gawd! The expressions on that cat's face! Hilarious!


LOL thanks, Hugo is the big worry-wart, Charlie is the ever playful one. Hugo was trying to tell him (I think, as far as my cat-mind-reading skills go :P) that it was dangerous to play around the plastic bags... of course Hugo's favorite treat is to lick plastic bags... but that's the way big brothers/little brothers go I guess.


Upsie is my hero!

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