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August 27, 2006



It is so fun reading these lists.

The tomato sandwich would have to be one of mine too although I didn't list it.

In reality it isn't fair because I would need at least 100 things and not just 5.


These are so interesting ...


Yay! I consider myself tagged. I'll give this some thought, when my head clears a bit (martinis last night) and put something up. Everything on your list sounds delish. I wish I could taste "Oysters and Pearls" -- so unusual. I've never had a huckleberry in my life, and after reading about them here, I fear I've really missed out!


Huckleberries....always sound so interesting :)


Thanks for the tag Sher. Your 5 items are wonderful. Mmmm, huckleberries. My yard is full of them, getting ripe as I write this!
I'll do my best for this meme.


The oysters and pearls sound delectable! And the seafood file gumbo!!!

Delicious list, Sher. Wonderful.


I'll have to think about this one too. It may be a while!


I'm tagged! Gotta give this some thought as well! . . .


I just got back from extreme heat, arizona.I just read what you said about Jay's chips and Rosen's rye.
Oh no, I still think about that fabulous rye bread.That was the best. That is ashame if it's not the same. I guess nothing stays the same.


Great list.

Your family's file gumbo sounds amazing but the thing on your list that really got my attention was the lemon lime meringue pie which sounds phenomenal!


The oysters and pearls sound most fascinating. I'm quite sure I've never eaten anything like that. My list is going to be pretty boring compared to some of the others.

Char Buckley

Sher, I also miss Rosen's rye, I bring it back in my suitcase!! i also yearn for a really good Italian beef sandwich with good old Gonella bread! I have tried many that are called Italian beefs here in San Diego, but they fall very short. Also the good old tomatoes off the vine! Yum, ate them like apples. One last thing, a good pot roast with the round bone in it! There is no such thing here!


I would love to taste your gumbo some day. It does sound to die for or eat before you die or die when you eat it or some such sh** like that.


i'm so very jealous of the oysters and pearls, it just sounds and looks so delicious! and then there are your tomato sandwiches that make my mouth water jsut the same :) i accept your challenge and am compiling my list!


Wow! I've been really busy, so it's nice to check in and see so many comments.


Yes, my list could go on and on. It was a little hard to narrow it down. And if I did it again, it would be a little different I think.


I loved looking at the others that did this meme.


I'm looking forward to seeing your list. A huckleberry looks like a tiny blueberry, but it has a stronger flavor, a bit more tart. And they are firmer. Oyster's and Pearls--it's heaven!


Huckleberrys are wonderful. They can be very touchy, abundant one year, but sparse the next. I think next year will be an abundant one down South.


Aww, you're so lucky to have huckleberries. I'd like to grow them here, but it's too hot to do that. I researched it and there aren't a lot of places that sell real huckleberry plants.


Everyone should have Oysters and Pearls at least once. Ack, I want some right now!


Take your time, we're patient! :)


I have confidence in you! Whatever you come up with be very interesting to read. :)

Norma & Char,

Here they are folks. Let me introduce my partners in crime, so to speak, from High School. What a time we had! My best food memory with Char and Norma is a party I had where we wound up throwing cake at each other. An entire cake wound up in our hair and face. I can't believe we abused an innocent cake like that. Yes, Rosen's rye bread was fabulous. Gonella bread--yes! Italian beef sandwiches--yes! Now that's Chicago. And Da Bears!


Oh, it is just fabulous--the lemon-lime meringue pie. The sugared lemon peel that they decorate it with is the best I've ever eaten.


I bet your list is going to be great! Can't wait to read it.


Well...if I die while I'm eating gumbo, that's not too bad a way to go. I just hope I finish my bowl of gumbo before I keel over.


The good thing is that while I rarely have oysters and pearls, I can have a tomato sandwich about 5 months out of the year!


I'd come back to live... just want to eat that oysters again and again! Sher, thanks for tagging me, it's a fun game!


someday, yes, one day, i WILL eat oysters and pearls, you mark my words Sher! i will do it!!!!





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