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August 21, 2006



After an incredible day of eating like that...I'd have to detox with salad and veggies for days :D


that rendered duck fat? heart attack in a container.

yet...i say: bring it on!

about the cheese in her luggage, that would be considered weapon of mass distinction and fed to the sniffer dog.

i'm jealous, looks like you had a wonderful time together.

and even if you never wear the purse & scarf, it was worth it just to post its picture to the internet. it's a real statement -- especially for us casual dressers.

i'm thinking: who what where when? and what about shoes?? where does it end? dress hat makeup hair cut & color! next thing ya know you'll be shaving your legs. a new car. jewelry.

you're sunk.


I love a good splurge.

Container duck fat..sounds sort of strange when you really think about it.

Glad you had a blast Sher. I have family with a cabin on Tahoe. Lovely.


It sounds like a fun day to me, 10,000 calories and all! Every bit of that food looks absolutely delicious.



I agree. I'm feeling the need to eat very lean. So is my cousin. Otherwise they will find us in a gutter somewhere covered in cookie crumbs and smelling like stinky cheese.


You got it right. That purse could lead to buying Jimmy Choo shoes and who knows what else!! I suppose I could just use it with my jeans and befuddle people at the grocery store.


A cabin on Lake Tahoe? Wow!!! That's wonderful! By the way, one of the people at the Oakville grocery said potatoes fried in duck fat was wonderful. That's news to me.


Thanks, it was fun. My cousin is leaving on Wednesday and I will miss her. But, I think we are dangerous together. Too much food and crazy impulse buying! We must be stopped.

eqj (the chocolate lady)

What a day! Definitely good for the soul, if not the body.

Hope you are enjoying the pretty things.


what are you going to do with the duck fat? I'm just curious. Oh look at that mountain-high merinque on your pie!!! I have to go to that resturant!!!


After looking back on my purchases at Oakville Grocery and Dean & DeLuca, I'd say you got out of their relatively unscathed. Potatoes fried in duck fat are fantastic!


what a trip! tamales and duck fat in one place... it's like nirvana!
oh, and if you think your splurge was bad, i implore you to pick up the latest volume of men's vogue to read about Frank Bruni's eating/training schedule
talk about INSANE!



This article just re-enforces my view that I should move to California. I love food and shopping and this article just made me want to go right now! I lllloooovvveee the bag, by the way. I have no clue where I would use it, but it is absolutely awesome. Tres chic!



Too, too fun! I love it. We all need a day like this now and then to indulge the senses... Ah... Enjoy!


omg, sher, i want to hang out with you guys! happens to us every time too... we had a similar sort of freak out at dean and delucas last time we were there too, it's just so overwelming!!! mmm, the copa looks amazing and that tamale, wow....a girl can dream :) the tuna starter at mustards looks out of this world too. thats precisely the kind of thing that i go for. i bet roxie didn't want to leave :)

Lisa Morgan

Oh my god! Reading about all that food was so fun! The cheeses; the copa; the appetizer at Mustards (well, everything at Mustards); the tamale -- the RENDERED DUCK FAT. Yowza. It all looked so dang good! Thanks for letting me live (eat?) vicariously. :)


Rendered duck fat--I am so THERE!


Everything looks so yummy - and I LOVE that purse and scarf!!! Love love love.

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