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August 28, 2006



Your chowder looks very fine! That's something I should try...


How the heck can you beat a good corn chowder??? YUM!


I'm with Jeff.....major comfort food! That looks MAHHHH-velous!


Oh yeah, come to Mama. That's the ticket!


Okay, Sher, this is freaky. I just made corn chowder with bacon LAST NIGHT FOR DINNER. I am totally serious. My recipe had corn, fennel, potato, yellow squash, bacon, cream, cayenne pepper, and fresh thyme. We're leading parallel lives!

As for white vs. yellow corn, I love both, for different reasons. Have you had the corn that is both white and yellow? That was for sale all around here about a month ago and man, was it good!


I've been thinking about corn chowder for the whole corn season and it's chilly and rainy enough today to make it. The corn around here tends to be the bi-color type and I think I'm going to toss some chunks of halibut and grilled shrimp into my chowdah as well.


There's a hint of fall in the air this morning. Chowder would be perfect. Hmmm... [Beautiful colors!]


you know, i never think of making corn chowder in the summer, its so intrinsically linked to winter in my memory
but we always used frozen sweet corn that my mom or i cut off the ear, probably not exactly as delicious, but nearly :-)


Yum, yum! Me thinks this would ship well, no?



I hope you do. It's very comforting, as well as good to eat.


I can't think of anything to beat it, except for another chowder...maybe! The cookbook has 50 chowders in it and some of them I have to fix!


Thanks! I sure enjoyed it!


It backed it's bags and is on it's way to you. It's walking the whole way, so it might take a while :)


Uh oh! I hear Twilight Zone music in the background. This is eerie. :) Your chowder sounds yummy. Yes, I've had that kind of corn and it's very nice. A good solution for people who prefer one or the other!


Yum, that sounds like a great chowder. I almost made a recipe from the cookbook for corn chowder with salmon and fresh peas. It sure looked good.


Yes, we are getting cooler here too. Soup and stews and chowder...ahhh!


I agree. I usually make it in the Fall and Winter too. But, fresh corn right off the cob is so marvelous, I had to do it now. I made a lot of corn soup in the winter and it was good. But, I could tell the difference with this corn.


It's so good to see a comment from you! If I could I'd send you a big kettle of chowdah! I'm sure it would give you lots of energy for changing diapers and nursing. :):) Give Bella a big kiss for me.


I've been seriously slacking in the comments department! This chowder looks just wonderful! Jasper White's book is one that I've had on my list for a while. Guess I'll have to place an order. I did just order the Mustards Grill book on your recommendation.
Your photos for this post really convey what you did at each phase of preparation. Love the ears of corn photo. Good going!

kross-eyed kitty

Oh My...this sounds delicious!
I happen to have 4 ears of corn waiting to be made into corn chowder...I'm going to use your recipe!


I love Corn Chowder.It reminds me of my grandmother because she always used to make it for me, I love it.:)


I love Corn Chowder.It reminds me of my grandmother because she always used to make it for me, I love it.:)

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