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August 09, 2006



It may be 95F today with 90% humidity but I'm still LONGING for something other than salads and cold soups! Something HOT! Like this! As good as magic words!!


This sounds like it would taste wonderful. I think I'll have to get some eggplant at the farmer's market. Love that photo of the peppers too, did you take it outside? The light looks so perfect.

Saving this recipe right now!


Are those white bell peppers?? I've never seen anything like them before.


I'm crazy about black bean sauce.


Yummy! Oh man, I'm so glad I sent Gene to get Chinese for dinner after his errands for tonight. I'm having Kung Pao. Not the same as your luscious stir fry here but at least it will get me through the longing for yours!

Lisa Morgan

That looks heavenly. I have saved it to my del.icio.us thing and am going to make it soon. I get those little eggplants at farmer's mkt. all the time. Maybe Keith wouldn't notice it's eggplant (always trying to disguise it, as he thinks he doesn't like it). :)

By the way -- inspired by a recent post here, I made BLTs for lunch today! Bacon and heritage tomatoes from farmer's market...greato.

Lisa Morgan

Oh -- guess that's HEIRLOOM, not heritage tomatoes. But you knew what I meant.



Oh no!! The humidity you're having makes the heat unbearable! You need to drink a nice big glass of that cucumber lemonade you make!!!


Thanks--the picture of the veggies was taken inside without the flash. I had a lot of light coming into the kitchen at that time. With the flash, the tomatoes had a very harsh glare.


I was very surprised with those peppers. When I bought the seedlings, they were labeled as bell peppers, and they do taste like delicate bells. But they sure look different don't they?


Yes, it adds such a nice taste--unmistakeable.


Well, I'm glad you're going to take it easy after 3 very hectic days at work!!!


Keith may not know they are eggplant, if you get the small ones, and if they don't have that traditional purple/black color!!! :)

And keep eating those BLT's--it'll give you strength in planning the Julia Child salute!!! :):)


This looks so good Sher! I've got eggplant and I've got peppers and I've got chicken. No black bean sauce yet, but it's on my shopping list!


This looks wonderful. I just bought a bunch of eggplants at the farmer's market because they looked so good but I didn't have a recipe in mind. Thanks for this great inspiration.


And to think that I had crappy bad take-out Chinese food last night!



Wow-I'm so impressed with your garden, and your growing ablilities. My husband is trying to grow a watermelon. In upstate NY. Hmmm...


How funny, those yellowish peppers you have pictured look exactly like peppers we have that were labeled as "mariachi peppers," supposedly red and spicy. They are neither, but they are good! This dish looks wonderful and gives me a chance to use our black bean sauce. Yum!

eqj (the chocolate lady)

Gorgeous, Sher, and thanks!
Everything we love about eggplants is concentrated in these little guys.


Sher, one of my eggplant favourite is with blackbean sauce! Oh, drool... how great that you have these growing in your garden!



OKAY!! You're only one ingredient short. That's better than the way my pantry often looks!


Thanks! It's always nice to have eggplants hanging around, isn't it?


Well, It's hard to believe you have crappy food! I always feel such envy when I see your meals.


Wow!! Well, tell your husband to hang in there with the watermelon! Will it be ready before Beastie!!!!


These aren't hot at all. They taste like bell peppers, but they aren't as meaty. It's a mystery!

Chocolate Lady,

Thanks. Yes, these little guys are just perfect!! I will grow even more of them next year.


Thank you. Black bean sauce is so distinctive, it adds the perfect taste to certain dishes, doesn't it?


I’m including this recipe today in a feature on my blog I call South Beach Recipes of the Week, where I spotlight South Beach friendly recipes I find on other great blogs. It includes your photo (with a photo credit for you, of course) and a link to the recipe. Please let me know if you have any concerns about how I’ve done this.



Thank you!!! What an honor. I always appreciate it when you give any recipe I've done a mention on your site. Thanks again!

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