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August 01, 2006



Mmm, that looks wonderful! Plus, I've heard that bacon is great at getting rid of cold symptoms. At least, you'll forget about them 'till you're done eating that beautiful, luscious sandwich!

*calls home to make sure we have maple bacon in the fridge*


Hey: we've only had tomatoes for about 10 days!! We're still eating them with nothing but salt or sugar, let alone moving onto BLTs! Still, I must admit you have me thinking, hmm, BLTs, for lunch tomorrow, maybe?


hahahah, awesome post! you and your cat both make me giggle. that sammy looks wonderful. i'm SO jealous right now!


Here in Minnesota my Tomatoes are just beginning to redden this year. It is much later than usual but I am right in the middle of my harvest.


Oh YUM!!! How beautiful your photos are. I can taste how wonderful the sandwich was by just looking at it.
Thanks for this post. Our tomatoes won't be ready for at least another two weeks, and if the weather holds, a harvest looks promising.


wow, this looks absolutely delish sher! well done!



Oh yes, it's been scientifically confirmed that bacon helps cure colds, warts, dandruff--you name it! :)


Even if you're at the beginning of your tomato season--time is running out! :) I have about 3 more months to harvest tomatoes, but that time will go by in a flash. Then I'll have to wait for tomato season again. The horror!


I would send you a sandwich if I could! Of course, it would be soggy by the time you got it.


I used to live in the Midwest, so I remember how long it takes to get the tomatoes. But, they are wonderful tomatoes. Huge. Well worth the wait.


Thanks! I'm looking forward to photos of your tomatoes. How long is your tomato season?


Thank you!!!! Glad you liked the look of it.


Oh my goodness!! I've been craving a BLT and Your pictures make me very, very hungry.


Ha, Ha, Ha! What tomato season? We actually don't have a tomato season this close to the ocean. Most summers I can expect a few slightly yellow fruits before they rot and drop off the vine.
This summer it's been exceptionally sunny so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We picked one small "Early Cascade" the other day and shared it while standing at the kitchen sink. It wasn't big enough for even one sandwich, let alone two. There are two more on the Cascade plant and two ripening on my Early Girl. The Sweet 100 has set lots of fruit but they're still quite green. I also have a "Eureka Mist" planted but it's not doing well.
If I lived another mile inland, I could grow lots of tomatoes, but that's really not a good reason to move. Sigh!
Each summer I can't help myself and plant more tomatoes - hoping and hoping.
My husband promises me a green house soon!



Yikes! You need to have people from the Central Valley send you CARE packages. I once flew to my mom's house in Illinois carrying a box of fresh picked tomatoes for my family. It was too early for ripe tomatoes in Illinois. Well, my normally generous mother swore me to secrecy and hid the tomatoes from everyone else. (This will be news to my brother and his wife.) Then she ate tomato sandwiches in secrecy until they were all used up!




I was gonna say, time is running out?! I just picked my first tiny cherry tomato yesterday! But man alive, BLTs are my favorite food in the world. I order a BLT in restaurants wherever I go. My friend Gregg makes the best ones I've ever had: he fries up the bacon in garlic and diced red chilis, then assembles it using horseradish sauce along with the mayo, then scrapes the stuff out of the bacon pan on top of it all. YUMMMMM!!!!


Oh Good God, Sher. It's almost 10pm here and now I want a BLT something awful. Well, I want a GOOD BLT, I just want it something awful. Yours look luscious. No wimpy white sandwich bread for you--great going! And yes, how funny that if you don't eat the liquid then we need to do an intervention. What a great respite from the usual turn on that. You can say: Yes, yes, drink all you want of this ambrosia! :-)


That looks very good, minus the bacon (no red meat here). The bread looks delicious, and straight out of the oven, too. Mmmm... I seriously could eat an entire loaf of freash warm bread.

PS: I did your 10 Foods I Miss the Most meme!


What a good and caring daughter you are to take garden-fresh tomatoes to you mother in Illinois! That's so sweet.
I will accept any and all tomato CARE packages and then I will gorge myself on your beautiful BLT!


excellent, now i know what to do with the ciabatta i bought this afternoon.

it looks beautiful, thanks!



Give in to the craving! :)


Soon your tomatoes will be ready.


As soon as you pick your first tomato, the clock starts ticking, heading towards the end of the tomato season! That's why you have to cram as many BLT's or tomato sandwoches into your gullet! Greg's sandwiches sound fantastic.


I see a BLT in your future!!!! It's beckoning: Eat me.


I enjoyed reading your meme! Hey, what about turkey bacon? Do you use it?


Amazing what we will do for a good tomato! :)


Ah, good!!!!!! Ciabatta deserves the best.


I've never seen individual ciabatta breads. How deliciously perfect. What superb timing at the store!

P.S. Those photos are YUM YUM YUMMMERS!


You're right, time IS running out. Ach. This sandwich is certainly the way to go, though!

Must make linguine with garbanzos and arugula, and BLT with market tomatoes. Oh, and gazpacho.

Whew, so many dishes, so little time.

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