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August 23, 2006



good time always goes so fast... you on fast ? *cough cough*


I wasn't hungry til I read your post...dammit. Now I have to go find something my stomach will think is at least as good as your pictures...


for some reason i always thought upsie would be a quaker or something ;-)
man i've had tapas on the brain lately, and this isn't helping at all!!


All that food looks terribly yummy!

And Upsie, ahhh, Upsie, well she's incredibly cute, as usual (but do I have to mention that?)!...


Those are some great PJ's!


Does this mean that Upsie is taking over blogging duties for the next month? ;)


Wow! You and Roxie had some great meals while she was visiting. Every single thing you guys ate sounds fabulous. I think I've gained weight just reading about it.


yummy, i love tapas so much. its one of my favorites. that looks delish! back to the grind huh upsie? :)


Love Roxie's Texas pajamas!



Yes, time goes too fast. I'm not on a fast (yet)...but eating a lot more sensibly. :)


Sorry about that. :) One of the perils of reading blogs is that it makes me hungry too.


Upsie a Quaker! I'll ask her if she wants to start going there. They have a nice little church near us. Yeah, I have a passion for dim sum and tapas.


Now that Roxie is gone and Upsie hasn't heard how cute she is in the last 5 minutes--she is grateful to you for pointing it out!!!!

Jeff & Shannon,

Well thank you, for Roxie. She loves those pajamas. Sometimes she wears a cowboy hat with it!


Upsie just listened to a news alert about laptop batteries possibly catching on fire--so she is staying away from blogging until she's convinced our battery is safe. (It is.)


Thank you. And I sure hope we don't start gaining weight from looking at pictures. If so, I'm sunk!


I wish I had some tapas right now!!! Sigh. MUst be strong!


I'm soooo jealous! Tapas is Davis! I could almost make a special trip down just to go there.
Great post and great photos, Sher.


Sounds like you had a great time. THe food looks good.

I love pajama parties too.


Oh wow! Everything looks fabulous. Love the beans and tuna combination.

Glad your visit with Roxie went so well!

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