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July 27, 2006



You're brave! I'm having a good laugh about adding bacon to the sandwich to make it perfect.


ok, I'm holding my breath and sucking in my tummy, your butter fried PBB sandwich is totally obnoxious! But decadent!


Personally, I just don't know if I could do it- you are one brave chick!


I would definitely try this - once! I love peanut butter and bananas but left them behind when I started low carbing. But, just once . . . I might!


OMG-this looks so good, i almost licked my screen. Then again, peanut butter has been my pregnancy craving for months now, which can somewhat explain my obsession with this delicious recipe and photo.

Have you ever heard of Elvis's Fool's Gold sandwich run? I saw this recently on a VH1 special. He chartered a plane in the middle of the night, flew to Denver, and ate one 9or probably more) of the sandwiches, made from a single loaf of hollowed out, warmed bread, one jar each of peanut butter and jelly, and a pound of bacon. Gaa!!! Holy clogged arteries!



It was a fun thing to make this, I admit. As I recall, Nigella Lawson did it on her show, and she loved it. I recall someone telling me that they ate bacon and peanut butter sandwiches.


What I can't understand is how he could eat so many!!! I was full after eating one half. It's so loaded with fat.


Thank you!! I'm ready for my Badge of Courage now!! Or foolhardiness.


Yes, once is enough for me too. Now I'm going to eat omega-3 today, to help my arteries.


You know, I believe that!! It's so Elvis and over the top. But, he did things like that. Don't feed Beastie one of these. :):) But, a nice cupcake made from your Magnolia Bakery cookbook would be nice.


I was working and semi-watching Paula Deen today and she did an Elvis-themed show and I need to have my arteries done just from watching.



girl, the heat has fried your brain!

now, i'm cooking the bacon as i write -- but it's for pasta carbonara.

sorry to rub it in, but we have air conditioning in south carolina. nobody could live here otherwise, and i predict a migration out of this swamp if [when?] the energy chickens come home to roost, bird flu or no.

we'll be begging for nukular energy, doncha know.

btw, did upsie come begging for a sample?

time to chill and have another frozen margarita.



Gasp!! I missed that? Well, I have to see if they repeat it. What am I saying? Of course they will repeat it.


there used to be a place in Boston that served a Velvet Elvis sandwich which was exactly what you made, but battered and deep fried!
I never ate it, but trust me, it was only because i hate peanut butter!


Kristi--no. way. I mean, I totally believe Elvis did that but my brain refuses to even imagine it.



Ahh--pasta cabanara!! I love that dish!! We do have an AC, but it can't keep up with the heat, probably because the builder installed an AC unit that's too small for the size of our house. We only discovered that fact this year! Always wondered why it was so hard to cool this house down. Apparently, this is a very common thing for some builders to do, saves money for them.

No, Upsie thinks bananas and peanut butter are disgusting! She would have wanted the bacon.


Oh, that would kill you for sure. Batter fried? Elvis would have loved it, I bet.


In the South, we dream up all kinds of crazy foods to clog our arteries. That's why Paula Deen uses at least a pound of butter on her show.


Have you watched "Last Days of Elvis" (I think it's what the TV show called)... later on the doctor had Elvis to eat health, so he started on grapefruit...yes, but he ate hundreds of it a day...


Just happened across your blog. As a longtime Elvis fan, I want to correct your recipe for EP's sandwich: the bananas are mashed, not sliced. As for bacon, EP didn't have it with the PB&B sandwich--he liked it by the pound and fried until burnt.

If you like funny food, you might want to check out pimpthatsnack.com. It supersizes snacks and has fun to book.

Regards, Ellen



No, I didn't see that show. Hundreds of grapefruit! Wow! I like grapefruit a lot but the acid in that many would make my teeth hurt.

Friend of Elvis,

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I had read that he had his cook mash them, but they photograph better sliced. :) I love bacon too, and I think it would be great on his sandwich.


I've done this - and my mother, in Connecticut, used to make us peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (though not fried - guess that's where the New England comes in). Scrumptious. Never thought of all three together, must give it a shot!

jeannie stelly

im ganna try it today, leave elvis alone he is still the king!!!

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